Further Moneybookers Delays

May 6, 2009

Well, it looks like after all the trouble we went through to get our “verified merchant account”, we have hit another restriction in our account where we need to verify a bank account. Unfortunately they don’t seem to be sending us the verification deposit, or responding to our support queries. We are doing our best here, but at this point I don’t have any further information about when we will have this resolved other than to tell you that I will be calling them nightly (again).

If we don’t have this resolved in 48 hours we will give you the opportunity to request another payment method.

Thanks for your patience guys. Moneybookers really are the worst payment processing service ever.

24 Responses to “Further Moneybookers Delays”

  1. Lugosi Says:

    Hi Donald,

    I just saw post right after I send mail to 99designs support. Still waiting for few payments. Thank you for info regarding moneybookers delays. I had same problems till they setup my acc, but now works correctly. Hope you guys will resolve this quickly.
    Best regards to all,

  2. arambasicv Says:

    Oh, no..again…
    hope that you will resolve that, cause that is only option for sending money in my country.

  3. arambasicv Says:

    and I have opinion – western union…that is most expensive way!!!

  4. Grayhound Says:

    Thanks for your effort, but what other method could I possibly use, if I live in country where only Moneybookers works at all…?!? I don’t know about AlertPay. Can you tell me how reliable they are? BTW, Western Union is too much expensive, I know that!

  5. Osaid Says:

    same is the case with me , please try to resolve the matter with moneybookers

  6. Good news, our account has been verified (apparently a different kind of verification to the three other kinds we have previously been through). Hurrah! Payments will be processed first thing tomorrow morning.

  7. Designer Says:

    Great!! Hurrah!! Now I think I will receive my payment tomorrow, which is on pending since 13 days ago.

    Once again, Hurrah!!

  8. voxsix Says:

    What about Payoneer, have you cancelled it?

  9. Payoneer will happen, we’ll be looking at it again over the next couple of months.

  10. serkan dönmez Says:

    i have a problem about moneybookers too.i have sent my payment but it doesnt give bank support to my country.before i got that account i havent known and no one said to me and also it tooks 10 usd of fee.now where isthe money i dont understand.is it any chance to refund it and send to it my paypal? pls help me about it.i really hate the moneybookers.

  11. ryan Says:

    Did you see the article that says moneybookers is looking to sell their interest in the company. With all the bad service publicity they’ve been getting, I think they’re in trouble financially.

    Personally, I thought about using this service but after reading that article on the web – no way !


  12. ansys Says:

    I also think moneybookers is not a good option as it is taking so long to resolve this simple issue.

  13. TodorKurtev Says:

    After a winning contest i`ve requested payout through moneybookers. I didin`t receive any payment in my moneybookers account yet. How long it will take to receive the price?
    What is @99designs.com account in moneybookers so i can send “Request Money” from moneybookers to 99designs?

    Thanks in advance.
    Todor Kurtev

  14. RasterG Says:

    Same question… how long does the payout through moneybookers take?

  15. Lox Says:

    We are still waiting on MoneyBookers to increase our sending limits. Should be within the next 24-48 hours.

  16. Raj Says:

    How about authorize.net they are fast and here in the states. I have used them for years. R-

  17. TodorKurtev Says:

    Thanks. We hope so.
    If they didn`t increase your sending limits, is it too late to change the payment method?

  18. Hi, my PayPal transaction #4229 not arrived yet :(

  19. RasterG Says:

    What is the status with the payout via MoneyBookers? I am waiting for mine quite a while… transaction num #3985 requested on 26th jun 2009?? :(

  20. RasterG Says:

    Correction 26th Maj 2009…

  21. TodorKurtev Says:

    I`m ok. My transaction via MoneyBookers is arrived.
    Sent on 25 May 2009. Arrived this morning 11 June 2009.

  22. RasterG Says:

    Same here!!! TNX

  23. Lachlan Says:

    We now have an unlimited merchant account with MoneyBookers. Fingers crossed that delays will be a thing of the past!

    Thanks for your patience.

  24. dima Says:

    need help!
    merchaunt ackaunt moneybookers!

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