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99designs was recently featured on Good Morning America!

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The more attention we can bring to the site…the more businesses will run contests…the more money will be available to the design community.

Cheers Everyone,

The 99designs Team


Today we launched a redesign of the “launch a contest” interface to make it cleaner, more attractive and even easier to use. We think you’ll agree it looks a lot better.

Contest types are now grouped into 5 overarching categories as detailed below:

business card or stationary

web page -uncoded web page design
twitter background

print design – brochures, newsletters, etc…
advertising materials – banners, billboards

buttons, icons and avatars
other – design not fitting into any other category

t-shirts or clothing

Additionally, we simplified the design brief fields to make it easier for contest holders to communicate their requirements to the designers.

We have also developed pricing packages to help clarify expectations and guide contest holders when they are choosing a prize amount. The packages levels are grouped as:

  • Budget
  • Standard
  • Premium
  • Custom

The pricing of each level varies on the contest type…for example the budget package in a logo contest is set at $195 whereas the the budget package for web page contest is $495. To help the contest holder decide on which package is right for them…we provide guidance as to how many design submissions each package will attract on average. For example, a budget logo package can expect around 40 submissions while a budget web page package can expect around 21 entries. The custom package allows contest holders to enter any prize amount of their choosing so long as it is above our prize minimums.

Which brings us to the final bit of news…we have reached another milestone. We have now awarded over $5 million dollars to our design community, with millions more coming from direct follow on work as a result of the relationships formed at 99designs.

It is our hope that improvements we launched today will help improve user experience and help quickly drive us through the next $5 million.

The 99designs Team

Hey designers to help get our new twitter background category off the ground, Veronica Belmont co-host of Revision3’s Tekzilla, is running a contest for her personal twitter account.

She has over 500,000 followers!

This is a great opportunity to design for one of the most visible accounts on twitter.

So read the brief carefully to find out more about Veronica and then head on over and let your creativity run wild.

Read the brief here.


Om Malik, founder of GigaOm, has also launched a contest for a custom twitter background.

He has over 225,000 followers on twitter.

Read his brief here.

Good Luck!
The 99designs Team

Well, it looks like after all the trouble we went through to get our “verified merchant account”, we have hit another restriction in our account where we need to verify a bank account. Unfortunately they don’t seem to be sending us the verification deposit, or responding to our support queries. We are doing our best here, but at this point I don’t have any further information about when we will have this resolved other than to tell you that I will be calling them nightly (again).

If we don’t have this resolved in 48 hours we will give you the opportunity to request another payment method.

Thanks for your patience guys. Moneybookers really are the worst payment processing service ever.