Contest Interface Improvements

March 13, 2009

After a few of the most recent large contests, we have implemented a few of the features you have been asking for:

  • Comments are paged, filterable and listed with the most recent first
  • Clearer pager controls for entries in a contest
  • Eliminate/Uneliminate button on the contest page front page

Additionally, we have improved the speed of contest pages by around 500%. Even our biggest contests run quickly now!

29 Responses to “Contest Interface Improvements”

  1. Maarten Says:

    In my opinion the pagination system is really annoying

  2. @Maarten: In what way? Also, do you mean the pagination on contest entries, or on comments, or both?

  3. Roberto Says:

    I second that, the pagination and reversed order of comments is really annoying :\

  4. Maarten Says:

    I mean the pagination on contests. It’s a good thing the newest entry is on top, that’s just something we’ll have to get used to.

    However having pages for the comments is annoying. Why click to the next page if it was easier to just scroll down some more?

  5. Maarten Says:

    Sorry, make that comments*

  6. Andrei Frincu Says:

    I don’t really like the comments pagination at the moment, I think it’s rather annoying. For example, lots of contest holders post several comments after the briefing, or answer designer’s questions before the design process begins, and the current comment pagination makes those comments, that are usually very important, go to the 2nd page or at the bottom of the page.

    I think arranging the comments from new to old is a bad idea. Don’t really understand why you guys changed it anyway, it’s confusing & not doing anything better than before (rather disturbing than improving the interface).

  7. @Maarten: Thanks for the feedback. The reason behind adding pagination to comments was to improve the overall speed of contest pages, which we have achieved. We have a couple of ideas for further improving contest discussions—stay tuned.

  8. alexx (alessandro maiolino) Says:

    when i may say my oppinion: it would be an improuvement if the CH write updates about colors, fonts or wishes at one place. at the moment many CH say “go to designs with 4 or 5 stars and read my comment”. when there are many designer is it bothering to do so. i suggest all updates should be written on the brief site under “update”, may be with date. at the moment the information are scattered all over the place. also the comments in the public area are some time not easy to follow, when there are many designers.


  9. Maarten Says:

    Good. Well the main point is: why click more if it’s an extra and not a must?

  10. Dawson Says:

    Oh , i always disliked displaying comments like in this new system(from the first time i saw it on some random forum)
    At least provide the option to click the way to user wants to see comments (old way or from newest to oldest, like now)

  11. Matt Says:

    Now when are we getting a *real* design? With a real color scheme that is professionally designed? (orange a purple?)

    I can only hope, right?

  12. Bombardierbob Says:

    Nothing personal but this new change is a hassle when having to do more hurdles to see comments left by the host on several contests where the comments are just to long. It would be better to see a separation set up where the host comments are on their own and the designers below it.
    This way we see what the hosts says and not have to go through pages of comments. ~Bob

  13. @Bob Do you mean something beyond what the current “Contest Holder” filter does?

  14. Gandecruz Says:

    where is my previous submitted comment? is there any messages filter in here ?

  15. @Gandecruz: Nope, there is a moderation queue, but it’s empty.

  16. Kelly Says:

    I also don’t like having the comments ordered from new to old. If you want to read the comments in order, from beginning to end, you have to scroll to the bottom of the page, click the link for the first page of comments and scroll up to read all the comments on the page. To go to the next page, you have to scroll down again to the pagination links, etc. Repeat the process until you’re back at the contest page. At least if the pagination was located above the comments, where the filters are, it might eliminate some of the hassle.

  17. Jimmy Says:

    Why are the comments soooo annoying?? I don’t read books backwards so why would I want to read comments backwards?

    I have to read the reaction first then the cause? That’s not cool.

    At least, if you’re going to keep this backwards comment thing going, give us the option to change it back to normal.

    Keep the pages for speed but just put comments in order please. That would be a good compromise.

  18. rahahm33 Says:

    the comment changes confused me also…

  19. A m i n e Says:

    I don’t like (Comments are paged, filterable and listed with the most recent first) :(

  20. LKirk Says:

    I agree, for some reason, I do not like the new layout for comments either. If it helps improve the loading times, then I guess we’ll just have to learn to love it, but for now, the new comment area is rather annoying.

  21. Dawson Says:

    “Comments are paged, filterable and listed with the most recent first”

    This is really annoying,it takes me forever to browse valuable comments

  22. C Says:

    Wow! This is horrid. I have to jump around the comments to try to understand what’s going on. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was most recent to last, or last to most recent like it used to be. Also going most recent to last, is not intuitive, and bad UI design. (Unless it’s a feed of information from one source.) More so, who reads down to up? Because last time I checked the bulk of people read up to down. (Regardless if it’s left to right, or right to left.) Also, you need to remember over all people skim text on website looking for keywords, and grabbing points in the first line of any paragraph.

    So with all this in mind, when I skim the comments of a contest and read…
    “Removed requirement of WordPress coding – just needs to be able to be imported into a wordpress template.”
    “I would like it coded into WordPress & there is no existing logo.”

    …my mind is grabbing onto the keywords “wordpress, and coding” along with the starting line, “I would like it coded..”
    My brain rejects the word “Removed” from the first line and grabs the first line of the older comment, because I get context from top down.

    Please add the ability to view comments old to new, like it used to be.

  23. Matt Says:

    This site is going down the drain.

    Horrible usability, ugly as sin interface. Everything.

    Very disappointing. It was handled much better when it was under sitepoint.

  24. @Matt Thanks for the considered feedback :)

    We certainly aren’t adverse to listening to suggestions on how to improve how we display comments, we actually adopted the new format because we thought it would be well received.

  25. nadia Says:

    Just noticed the blue REPORT button – hasn’t been there long right? :-)

    Does that work like the old report link – to report a contest or a designer for infringements etc ?

  26. lena Says:

    Why not implement automatic watermark on post design to stop people stealing design….

  27. Bombardierbob Says:

    I love to see a function that once the contest ends the Host/es are contacted and reminders sent to them daily till they ether chose a winner or withdraw it. TO many contests have been left hanging over a week with zero news or appearance of the host.

  28. HePiMeN Says:

    I agree with Bombardierbob

    Maybe you could use some filterability on “My contests” page as well? So designers can filter out let’s say contests, where they still have unwithdrawn entries and the contest doesn’t have a winner yet, contests they have 4+ star entries etc…

    BTW, how does this mailing system work? I notice I don’t get notifications for every contest I attended and it got a winner chosen.

  29. LavaTech Says:

    i can’t enter the # of stars today. it doesn’t stick

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