Over $4 Million Dollars Awarded to Designers

February 27, 2009

We are especially proud to announce today that 99designs has reached another great milestone…we have now awarded over $4 million dollars to our design community with millions more resulting from direct follow-on work.

Each and every day we continue to find ways to improve and grow our business through your suggestions over email, twitter and Uservoice. We know that to be a true crowdsourcing success story we need to provide a tremendous value to our clients and our design community. This $4 million dollar milestone is testament not only to those efforts but also to our clients and to the incredible design community at 99designs.

Thank you all for making 99designs the leader in crowdsourced design and for all the incredible support, feedback, and suggestions you’ve provided us.

Here’s to the next $4 million!

The 99designs Team

30 Responses to “Over $4 Million Dollars Awarded to Designers”

  1. Paul T. Says:

    That’s a great milestone. Congratulations! One question – since 99designs doesn’t pay directly, how do you know how much money was actually paid?

  2. Vladimir Says:

    Nice news. Really nice…
    Thanks your BEST 99designs TEAM
    Thanks a lot.
    Best Regards

  3. MacNessa Says:

    That’s awesome. Well done guys!

  4. 99project Says:

    Really nice guys and gals :) great job.
    I have just one question…Why we have to wait 7 days to recive payment for contest :( it is too long,can it be shorter?

    Best Regards,

  5. Alice Says:

    GREAT, but there’s a statistic that count even the abandoned contests? I mean… $4 million has been paid, but how much dollars haven’t been paid?
    (sorry for my english :P)

  6. Attlantic Says:

    4 million dollars… wow, that is a lot of money @__@

  7. RedPixell Says:

    WOOWW…congrats 99designs for new record!! that’s fantastic!! :)

  8. @99project: As Lachlan mentioned in another post, there is a 7 day delay before the credits are transferred. This affords the contest holder enough time to check they have received the correct files and ask any questions they may have. We will be adding a checkbox in the near future to allow the contest holder to confirm that the files are correct, which will immediately clear the credits. This should speed things up.

    @Paul T., @Alice: You’re “cup half empty” kinda people, aren’t ya? ;-)

    #everyone: Thanks for the kind comments!

  9. Johan Lautan Says:

    Wow that’s fantastic, keep on !

  10. Jill Says:

    I am happy to contribute my humble hundreds–this is such a great service. I feel like the richest person in the world being the recipient of so much creative bounty. Thank you all, especially those who have entered my contests! I have an interesting one live right now, btw.

  11. ulahts Says:

    WOW, that’s amazing fellows.

  12. Vishaka Says:

    Congrats ! for 99 designs achievements.

  13. Roro Says:

    Amazing, I Love 99 designs :D

  14. SplashWeb Says:

    Well done guys!

    A Very Nice Accomplishment!

  15. Ameen Says:

    i am very happy to join 99 design contest.I hope dat this compitition will give me good experience of designing & get money.

  16. andy77 Says:

    heyyyyyyyyy guysss grt job!!!!!!

  17. L. Bogdan Says:

    GREAT job 99! You’re the best!
    Keep doing it. ;)

    L. Bogdan

  18. First time I have come across 99designs, and $4 million caught my eye.

    Well done and I will have to now have a look around.

  19. theommand Says:

    AMAZING!!! keep it on yours..i do hope it will be better and better

  20. DesignBunk Says:

    Your success is synonymous with the kind of service you provide :). Way to go 99designs for creating this platform. BTW i havent received my payment for the dictionary.com project, please look into it :(

  21. JOJO Says:

    thank you for being 99designs community member, it’s a great place for me to improve my design, i absolutelly give compliment to contest holders who give a good feedback to my design…

    last but not least!

    thanks 99 designs.com!

  22. Mello Says:

    Sadly, the truth is over $4 million dollars awarded to 30000 designers”

    Congrats though :)

  23. Infinamic Says:

    Congrats! We have four new projects in the system right now and are getting great results. There is some very good talent online here.

  24. lyricalwords Says:

    $4 Million, wow!
    Awesome job, congratulations..:)

  25. zOoOom Says:


  26. zOoOom Says:


  27. cylet Says:

    I just wanted to say this site is such a great opportunity for designers. I have won 3 but even though there have been many I haven’t won, I still felt gratitude for the design. It helps me keep my designing fresh and helps me develop further as a designer. Thank you 99designs! You have developed a goldmine!!

    Just a question…does it seem to anyone else that since the contests have become guaranteed, the CH’s are not giving as much feedback??? I’ve joined over 20 contest where there were absolutely no feedback? :) Maybe there could be something telling CH’s that they are paying and it is in their best interest to give feedback? I dunno…maybe it’s me :)

    Love 99designs no matter! hehe :)

  28. Very nice post, thanks man!

  29. Awarded over $4 million dollars to design community?! Congrats! You give and you shall be given! Well done!

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