Guaranteed Contests Launch!

January 27, 2009

As you know, prepaid contests have been the number one requested item in our feedback forum. We’ve long seen offering prepaid contests as an important step for 99designs, but we wanted to make sure that when we did…we did it right.  As a result, for the past few months we have been trialing “Guaranteed Contests”, which many of you may have noticed and/or participated in. It has certainly been a learning experience for us and we want to thank all of you for helping us get this prepaid contest structure ready for prime time.

Here’s how it works:

When launching a contest, contest holders will now have the option to choose Guaranteed Contests in which both prize money and a contest winner is guaranteed. The cost of the Guaranteed Contest service to contest holder is the $39 listing fee plus 10% of the prize as a processing fee.

  • The prize money plus the $39 listing fee and a 10% processing fee is paid to 99designs up front whereupon 99designs assumes responsibility for all payment details to the winning designer when the contest closes.
  • The prize money will be credited to the winning designer. Designers can redeem winnings by requesting a payout from 99designs via PayPal, AlertPay, MoneyBookers and Western Union. PayPal is free and automated so payments are quickest. The other methods have a nominal charge associated and get paid once a week.

I estimate initially that payouts will take between 5-10 days from the time the request is submitted, with the exception of Western Union. (Don’t even get me started on how frustrating those guys are to deal with.) Over the next couple of weeks we will be working out any kinks in the payout system in order to streamline the process as much as possible.

Contest holders will still have the option to launch a “Pay-On-Win” contest. It is our hope the Guaranteed Contests will be more popular, but we decided that allowing contest holders make an informed decision between the two was the best approach. Thanks again for all of your help in getting the Guaranteed Contest system up and running.

103 Responses to “Guaranteed Contests Launch!”

  1. Where can we see the payment options of “Pay-On-Win” now? I couldn’t see any payment options on “Pay-On-Win” contest under the project description below part now???

  2. Susiehk Says:

    Do you foresee a day when you might provide contests that somehow limit the number of designers who can submit? Working on spec honestly is exhausting and demotivating. Thanks

  3. nikolaPFC Says:

    What about pay-on-win contest or earlier opened contest, how we can see that payment options???

  4. Payment details will return shortly.

  5. ulahts Says:

    OMG, so much hard work you put in this…and now look what you did!!! There is a flood of Guaranteed Contests :))))

    Congrats fellows, that’s one of the biggest step we all were waiting for.

  6. hmmm…I wonder why XOOM is not mentioned on your payout options?..

    But over all, You guys never stopped making 99designs the best!..Thumbs up on you guys! Thanks a lot!

  7. Shearyadi Says:

    Very Nice! After being a member for the last 4 years (or 5???) this is the most usefull feature :)

  8. Terry Says:

    Awsome Great work guys!

  9. jhewit22 Says:

    Great work, team. This is a huge step, and it looks like it was very well thought out and executed perfectly!


  10. quad-a Says:

    That’s Great!!!

  11. karom Says:

    This is really great fellas! Congratulations!
    And oh… Many Thanks!

  12. Greyson Says:

    This is just fantastic. Great work. So many guaranteed contests now! This improves the site a great deal. :)

  13. AntoniaG Says:

    Great work. Hope more CHs will use this feature and lead to less withdrawn contents.

  14. pb_design Says:

    Great news guys!

    Thanks for getting this in place, as it will really improve 99designs reputation and help all us hard-working designers ;-)


  15. Gandecruz Says:

    COOL…. thank you 1000x guys.. :D

  16. AnakNakalKelasBawah Says:

    yeah u’re right ulahts…
    so many guaranteed contests now :)
    But i hope 99 designs will make the minimum prize for the logo contest higher. Because, in my opinion logo is the very important thing. Above web design instead. Logo is the basic for every design follow.

  17. This is a G-R-E-A-T :)step for us designers, now a creative mind can give his/her 100% on creativity without fear of lose.

    As a designer I think in next step you should think about contest holders. To make it sure that, they are getting their RROI (Right Return On Investment). It will help you make the contest better for the contest holders too. If they gets RROI they will come with more contests & which is again good for us designers.

    99 Designs Rocks!
    Rana (eyedeaLAB)

  18. Stevan Says:

    Great news

  19. jeiru Says:

    WoW! Thanks a lot for making those changes. It has gone definitely a long way since 2004! Hurray!

  20. ulahts Says:

    “But i hope 99 designs will make the minimum prize for the logo contest higher.”
    All at their time!

  21. Great news ! you guys do lots of efforts.

  22. Inspiredgs Says:

    Awesome stuff 99designs team, thanks

  23. Marcus Says:

    WOW.. Look at all the Guaranteed contests :-)

  24. Suhail Says:

    Excellent I am atlast very happy ! Thank you 99designs

  25. nikolaPFC Says:

    Big step, but you did great job. Congratulations!!!

  26. PB Designs Says:

    I know this is great news for you designers, but for those of us who hold regular contests, this adds extra cost onto our margin – all because of those annoying people who held a contest and didn’t pay up.

    The exchange rate hasn’t helped – which means the real cost to me has increased, and with the extra 10% charge going to 99 Designs for the guaranteed contest, it means I’ll have to reduce the prize value by 10% to cover this cost.

    I can see the point in it, but I don’t agree with having to pay an extra 10% that won’t be going to a designer.

    Secondly, for those who want the minimum prize value of logos increased – if you don’t like the prize on offer, don’t enter – it’s a simple as that. Let the market determine what is a good rate for a logo. If designers are happy to make a logo for $100 – and the contest holder is happy, then what is the issue?

  27. ulahts Says:

    @pb_designs you are judgging logo price from a subjective point of view. It were not so rare occasions when i did logo designs with prices between 600 and 1500$ last year.
    100$-150$ is a price that should be forgotten now. My first logo i did 7-8 years ago was 100$…
    We have to encourage the valuable part of a logo creation and not only the aspect of using of a vector program software and some shapes. Aside of that, the lower the price is the lowest the quality gets – not 100% true, but it’s a high percentage.
    Using small prices will encourage even 12 years old kids to submit who knows what dingbat font modified a bit or even a bad trace of another logo.
    When the prices are bigger, contest holders tend to be more refined in tastes-not 100% of the cases though – but still, this attracts designers with years of experience to throw in their ideas, competition becames much more interesting.

    We are talking here about evolving / evolution stage and staying in a low position – CH that will always be happy with 100$ contests for example – will not help you to develop your skills, knowledges not to speak about the monetary point of view…

  28. PB Designs Says:


    Everyone has to start somewhere – and you started with the $100 logos. Why should newbies to the industry be denied the opportunity to cut their teeth with the “lower priced projects”.

    I’m a firm believer that you get what you pay for – and if you pay more, you’ll attract the more experienced designers.

    But what I’m saying is that there is still a place for the budget logo designs, where there isn’t much budget for the design, and it gives the newbies a chance to learn the trade, and in time, be able to compete for the more lucrative prizes.

    As I’ve said – let the market decide. All the time there are designers happy to create a logo for $100, then the option should remain…

  29. Neticule Says:

    Great job guys! Been waitin for this a while!

  30. cooljaz124 Says:

    wow..thts gr8 news !! wel don guys !!!

  31. erw13n Says:

    it would be nice if we can manage our payment information on profile account. So we don’t have to sent payment info by mail each time we won a guarantee contest.

  32. fasih Says:

    It feels really great to have guranteed contests alive.

  33. MaxK. Says:

    Finally its here!


  34. ulahts Says:

    You should mark now only the contests that are not guaranteed :)

  35. Douglas Says:

    How much cost tarif payment by Western Union?

  36. sliq Says:


    but please revise the minimum prize for logos. its quite low imho.

  37. slavic Says:

    it is a small step for 99 and huge step for designers:)

  38. whoa! Says:

    Now this is great news!

  39. Xenth Says:

    Wow guys!

    I noticed the amound of guarantueed contest! Nice job!!

  40. nadia Says:

    Congrats on a job well done guys !! All designers appreciate it and the contest holders will find that they get more quality submissions to their contests :-)

    Now, because I’m peeved about something that happened to me today I’m going to sound off a bit:

    I believe the next item on the agenda of 99designs should be:

    Giving designers the opportunity of having a way to report (and be acted upon by 99desigs)the elimination of designs and banning of designers that feel they have every right to rip off other designers’ work. This is becoming so rampant that it’s ridiculous.

    Sorry for the rant here, but there’s no-where in an open forum that this can be discussed with you guys and it is getting very, very frustrating! I can *guarantee* that I’m not the only one that feels this way!

  41. kreative Says:

    good news

  42. Alexel Says:

    Great news!

    Now we (designers) have all possible payment methods in every contest we enter and that’s great…


  43. João Says:

    Hello, it’s my first time winning with a “guaranteed contest”. How can I ask for the money?

  44. amokana Says:

    and now i can finally return to this wonderful site again …. you have no idea how was it difficult to wait for this feature ( yyep i was an 99designoholic … but not as much as some people … and they’re right !!)

    thanks so much for improving my life style

  45. Vladimir Says:

    Great Great Great news!
    Thanks team 99 designs – you best people.

  46. mindesign Says:

    Great news!!!

  47. Rosiee Says:

    Congrats to all designers out there! This really is a great achievement and helps us all(designers from all over the world) to work on a variety of different projects and as amokana said become more of a 99designoholic ;-) Cheers to all!

    I would however like to talk about another issue that is disturbing & effects all designers alike when any designers’ good rated entry is copied and submitted by another designer in the same contest and I known what it feels like Nadia as it has happened to me couple of times too.It becomes even more frustrating and upsetting when the CH takes no notice about it. I do hope that the 99designs community takes a ‘hands on’ action regarding this problem.

    Thank you all for all the great work!

  48. Syzygy Says:

    The guarantee is great. But I share PB Designs’ concern about the 10% surcharge being a rather high money-transfer fee.

    Would 99designs consider a fee structure like
    – Pay-on-Win contests: $39
    – Guaranteed contests: $49 OR 10% (whichever is greater)

  49. great work :)
    have a question.
    if a contest is guaranteed, how one can redeem his/her payment from 99designs ?

  50. Jan Paul Says:

    Nice service. Lotta designers too and a backlink for the contest I just submitted. Hope it works out.

    Good luck with your site :)

  51. Dawson Says:

    Great job guys and gals at 99designs!

    I would also like to point out at copying issue.
    Considering massive influx of new designers here,situation is becoming a bit chaotic.
    I posted idea in uservoice area ,about introducing moderators or making the designers impossible to see other designers work in full screen but it would be nice if you address this matter.
    Please guys take some time to browse few contests with more than 20-30 entries and you’ll get my point!

    Ps. Hi Nadia and Rosie long time no see :)

  52. conin Says:

    1st, excellent move on the guaranteed contests!

    2nd, I like Dawson’s idea of not being able to view other designers’ work (not only full screen but entirely, even the thumbnail). The brief should be enough for the CH to explain what he/she wants, plus the other information that might appear in the comments in case anyone has doubts. The only design that should be made available is the winning entry, and that’s it.
    I believe only positive things could result from this, both for designers (no one would be able to view your concept and just try to tweak it to win) and for the CH (a larger variety of concepts would be presented); any similarities would be just coincidences and everyone would be happy.

  53. John Says:

    I would love to see you guys do copywrite contests, and business plan contests…literal advertisement to sell an idea…contest holders could submit business plan information and someone could jazz it up…or if you have a link to this type of place please let me know…

    Thank you,

  54. Bombardierbob Says:

    All I can say is “About Fracken Time, and took long enough!” Still good to see the addition made on here now on to the others changes we voted for for here!

  55. Maarten Says:

    I really like it… but the 10% seems kinda steep!

  56. roktiv Says:

    Yes! This nice idea! But not working yet… I cannot recieve prize money for more then 2 weeks!!! LOL!
    Hope you fix it…
    This is link for unpayed contest
    Please help!

  57. marius Says:

    Hi all great job with the guaranteed contests.
    I just have a question…Why dose it take so long for the money to be release for transfer? I hope the time can be shorten in the future.

  58. Hey @roktiv

    Same story here with me too!
    Yes! I am the winner of ‘this’ above contest, but I have never received the prize. But 99 Designs team tried their best to help me.

    I can understand how does it feel.
    So Best of Luck!

  59. Sliq Says:

    Guaranteed payments are an assurance definitely. But waiting 10 days to get it processed is killing me. :(. Anyone else with this problem

  60. Hi #everyone,

    Thanks for your praise, suggestions and criticism alike. We’re listening!

    First of all, and just to clarify, when you win a Guaranteed contest (congrats!), the prize money is automatically transferred to your 99designs account as USD credits.

    You can check the balance of your credits at any time, by clicking ‘My Account’ (the blue-grey link is at the top-right of the 99designs site).

    To request a payout, click on your balance, or ‘Credits’ (under the ‘My Account’ menu) and then click ‘Request a Payout’. Note that on this page you can also see a summary of credit account changes. Also note there is a minimum withdrawal of $50 USD.

    Following this, you will be prompted to enter an amount, and select your preferred payout method (PayPal, AlertPay, Moneybookers, or Western Union).

    Depending on the payment method you select, you’ll receive your cash within the next 10-days (often much sooner). Keep in mind: not all payment methods are equal. Generally, PayPal is fastest, and Western Union is slowest.

    For further information, you can also check the FAQs, or contact 99designs Support via our Contact Us form.

    Individual responses follow:

    @Evil Eye Studio, @Nikola: Payment details are back, for Pay on Win contests!

    @Susie: We have some ideas. Stay tuned.

    @Raffy: Are you unable to be paid by any of the payment methods we offer? AlertPay is now available in the Philippines.

    @Anak, @Ulahts, @PB Designs, @Sliq: We constantly review our minimum prizes and adjust them accordingly. When we next increase them, we’ll blog about it. Stay tuned.

    @PB Designs, @Syzygy, @Maarten: The 10% is there to cover the costs involved with transferring money. Often transfer fees are percentage based and so scale with the amount. With a fixed fee, if someone were to hold a $10,000 contest, or a $1,000,000 contest for that matter (Hey, it could happen! Hehe! ), 99designs would be left with a pretty hefty tab to pick-up. Of course, we’re doing what we can to minimise fees as much as possible. And—as an aside—please hold your next million-dollar contest at 99designs!

    @Erw13n: In most cases, it’s just an email address that you need to supply, but we may consider this in the future.

    @Douglas: Western Union charges us roughly 10–25% per payout request transfer. 99designs will deduct this fee, as well as $25 USD to cover the additional administration required.

    @Nadia, @Rosiee, @Dawson: Improved copyright infringement reporting is definitely in the pipeline. Stay tuned.

    @Dawson, @Conin, @John: Interesting ideas, thanks! We’ll look into them. In the meantime, please make sure you have submitted them to our UserVoice forum.

    @Marius: Credits need some time to clear to protect Contest Holders from possible copyright violations, etc. We feel this wait time is minimal.

    @Roktiv, @Rana: Apologies for the inconvenience. Hopefully your issues have been resolved now. If not, please contact 99designs Support, via our Contact Us form.

    Thanks again! Keep the comments coming! :-)

  61. ulahts Says:

    Fellows, 10 days it’s much, i know.
    But hey, instead of apreciating the time spent and the whole ammount of work they put into this JUST FOR US TO BE MUCH HAPPIER you complain.
    The Guaranteed system is at his very first steps, it’s still young and there is plenty of space for new improvements.
    Back in time i remember that we had to insistently ask through a forum system the CH-ers for the prizes. I waited many times 10 days, 15, 30, 3 months contest holders to make a decission-for clear or unclear motives- and now i can’t wait for 10-14 days for the moment?
    Let’s give them a rest and i am sure they heard all that that and will do something about. But guys, “all good things happens to those who knows how to wait”, remember?

    Chhers up fellows!

  62. Thanks @Ulahts. We think 10-days is a reasonable maximum period to wait. I say ‘maximum’, because we hope to get your payout to you sooner wherever possible. We will do what we can to improve in the future, as well.

  63. ulahts Says:

    Thanks Adam.
    Keep it up!

  64. Jon Day Says:

    It would be cool if we could order the “find a contest” list by guaranteed. Right now you can order the list by prize, by end date, but not by whether or not it is guaranteed. The latter would be great.

  65. Hi @Jon,

    You can do that already, using ‘Filters’ (under ‘Search’, on the contest list page). Here’s a handy pre-filtered link to Guaranteed Contests.

  66. Luce Says:

    That’s really nice.

    Thanks 99!

  67. voxsix Says:

    Could you let us know what’s going on with the Payoneer cards? Will they be put into use or the whole thing was cancelled… I ask this since Paypal is not present in my country, Western union creates so many problems and I think Payoneer would be the best solution for me and others like me in similar position.. or it is possible to order a card directly from and register on moneybookers with it since the card I have now does not accept moneybookers, I don’t know why.

  68. @Voxsix: I’d love to put a timeframe on 99designs’ Payoneer cards, but the truth is: a lot goes into setting up this type of service. Stay tuned to this blog for future updates.

    Perhaps Moneybookers can help with your current card? Try contacting their Messaging Centre, or Customer Call Centre.

    Also, have you considered AlertPay? I believe they service Macedonia.

  69. ulahts Says:

    Voxsix, any Visa or Mastercard should work.
    PM me ;)

  70. nadia Says:


    “@Nadia, @Rosiee, @Dawson: Improved copyright infringement reporting is definitely in the pipeline. Stay tuned.”

    Can’t wait to see what you guys have come up with !! can’t come soon enough in all honesty. thanks!

  71. Terry Says:

    Awsome work guys! I dont think 10 days is bad coz to ulahts point I have also sometimes waited more than 15 days to recieve payments. This is what we had been waiting for so hats of 99designs.
    I do have one question though, if the 10% of the prize money is already charged to cover fees then does it say that the prize money will transfer after deduction of incured fee? Is’nt the fee already taken by from the CH in the 10%, then why charge it from the prize later? Just a little unclear about that. Otherwise great work!

  72. Paul Annesley Says:

    Terry: the 10% fee charged to the contest holder covers the various costs that we incur handling the prize money through our system. This includes fees charged by our payment gateways, as well as administrative and support staff to oversee the receiving and sending of payments, not to mention the amount of development and maintenance that goes into such a system.

    Payouts via our preferred method – PayPal – come at no extra cost to designers. However other payment methods incur extra costs and administrative work for us beyond that 10% fee, and this is reflected in the payout fees associated with those methods.

    I hope that helps clarify :) Thanks for the feedback – and we’ll be doing our best to keep the payout times down to a minimum.

  73. nadia Says:

    Hey guys, not the place for this I know, but I’m guessing that more attention is being paid to the blog than Uservoice right now :-)

    This relates to UserVoice – just wanted to point out, that once you post a comment (a reply to someone elses comment), there is no link to take you back to the original list you were viewing, you have to use the browsers back button, and even that often takes a couple of hits to get back to where you were. I’m sure there used to be a link at the top to take you back… but seems to be gone.

  74. roktiv Says:

    One more proposition: is this possible to send credit card to designers emitted by 99designs? so transfer will cost less… what do you think?

  75. Terry Says:

    Thanks for the reply Paul…Indeed it makes sense. But you said “paypal comes at no extra cost do designers”. I recently won a gauranteed contest but I was actually charged more than what I used to get charged. I was charged 4% fee although the transfer was paypal to paypal. I contacted paypal to know why but all they said was paypal to paypal other than USA has more charge. Its funny because I won a few gauranteed contest in the past and the money was sent by 99designs but at that time I was not charged any fee :).. Sorry for the long post but just trying to get things through my understanding :) Cheers

  76. nadia Says:

    Quick question – how soon afer a win, is the $amount shown in the ‘accounts’ tab?

  77. @Nadia: Guaranteed prize credits are automatically transferred to your account when you upload a final design file (via the contest Design Handover process). Credits are individually tracked and are marked pending for 7-days after being transferred to your account. This allows the contest holder enough time to verify they have received the final design files and also ask any questions they may have.

  78. nadia Says:

    Thanks Adam !

    won my first guaranteed contest and wasn’t sure about the exact procedure :-)

  79. @Nadia: Congrats! ;-)

  80. nadia Says:

    @Adam et al,
    hope all you guys, your family and friends are safe during this terrible time in Vic.

  81. voodoo Says:


    Maybe you should mention on the FAQ section that the credits are placed at pending for 7 days.

    Currently I am waiting:

    7 days for me beeing declared winner
    7 days pending/frozen credits
    10 days to recieve a Western Union payment

    This is just absurd, since the contest holder recieves his files instantly and 99designs takes the administrative costs they have $25 instantly.

    There is no phonenumber to call to with questions, even tho 99designs handles a lot of payments, so you should be able to call someone.

    The prepaid contests are a nice feature but you need to resolve some of these issues. Currently the strong points of the prepaid contests are mainly focussed on the contest holders.

    Your running an enterprise targeted at the global market with lots of different timezones. Either setup a 24/7 live chat system or have a 24/7 available phonenumber.

    Personally I’m disappointed since these things are all not mentioned in the FAQ or anything. Even after allmost 6 emails I still did not recieve an awnser how I will recieve the MTCN and payment details.

  82. Still unpaid for two weeks with no information at all :(
    I have transferred my $600 balance to PayPal and got 0 cent till today.
    What’s wrong?

  83. Alex Marchuk Says:

    So I’ll have to wait a week before I can request a payment through PayPal?

  84. At present there is a 7 day delay before the credits are transferred. We will be adding a checkbox to allow the contest holder to confirm that the files are correct, which will immediately clear the credits.

    Additionally, over the next couple of weeks we will be enabling automatic processing of PayPal payments to designers who have a history of approved payments. What this means is that you guys will get paid quicker.

    Western Union payments will still need to be approved by a staff member and then manually paid once a week, but we are in negotiations with Western Union to come up with a quicker way of processing these.

    Thanks for bearing with us while we work the kinks out of the process guys.

  85. @voodoo We are in the process of adding an entirely new help system, should clear up a lot of these questions and take a lot of guessing out of the process for you guys!

  86. @mario Looks like you were paid within 2 days of the request?

  87. Alex Marchuk Says:

    The only reason it’s an issue with me is because I’ll be waiting 7 days to just clear credits, the n I will have to wait 2 weeks for PayPal to send me a check. What a hassle!

  88. nadia Says:

    @Alex, once I’d passed the 7 day clearance, and I asked for the credits to be processed by Paypal, I think I only had to wait a day or two – no-where near 2 weeks.

  89. Alex Marchuk Says:

    I understand, but I mean withdrawal by check :)

  90. nadia Says:

    Ah ok, I’ve never dealt with cheques. In that case, it’s a matter of waiting on Paypal rather then 99designs no? and something you are probably used to if you withdraw by cheque regularly…. at least with the new implementation that Lachlan described, the 7day waiting period will be shortened and you’ll get your money faster :-)

  91. Alex Marchuk Says:

    Let’s hope so, don’t want thousands of dollars accumulating there :)

  92. nadia Says:

    Thousands of dollars !!! LOL – you’ve certainly done well :-)

  93. ulahts Says:

    Let’s hope so, don’t want thousands of dollars accumulating there :D


  94. Fernando Says:

    Yes today is the end of the 7 day pending period! Yes lachlan Allowing the contest holder to tick whether the files were all received is a good option.

  95. khryss pude Says:

    good day! could you explain more on the 50USD credit to request a payout cash??

    i can’t seem to understand it. do we need to deposit anything to our paypal accounts?? (this line — “You need at least 50 USD credits to request a payout in cash.”


  96. @khryss pude: We’re basically saying that if you want to withdraw credits from your account, you need to have first won at least 50 USD credits in a contest, and your payout request must be a minimum of 50 USD credits.

  97. khryss pude Says:

    ok! thanks adam! now i get it!

  98. blablabla Says:

    I’ve made a payout request at March 4th trough Moneybookers. But nothing happend yet…
    Is there any problem with the payout ?

  99. HePiMeN Says:

    I would just like to know, what happens with the awards of guaranteed contests which don’t have a winner announced?

    There’s a guaranteed contest that ended on February 7th and its status is still “healthy” because “The winner has guaranteed selection of a winner”…

    Thank you for your time and answer.

  100. Project Dave Says:

    As a CH I’d like to add my concern about the 10% charge. I understand it’s unavoidable under the current system but I do think it’s a problem. Running a guaranteed contest is already a risk but now, on top of that, I’m going to be charged a hefty 10% for the privilege of risking my money! Even worse, the more I try to beef up the prize money, the more it costs in wasted money being syphoned away to finance companies.

    I’d like to suggest some other option in addition to the guaranteed contest. For example, what about a simple icon displayed next to the title of any contest for which the CH has a perfect track record of completing contests and paying promptly?

    After reading the comments above I feel I’m stuck with the guaranteed contest option even though I fully intend finishing the contest and paying immediately. I’ll obviously have to drop the prize money to compensate, which is frustrating for all of us.

    Having said all this, I do appreciate the effort you guys are making to improve the contests. On the whole you’re doing a great job – it’s nice to see improvements since last time I was here.

  101. alex Says:

    Just like HePiMeN sazys, what happen if the CH still dont awarded who won the contest after 3 months?

    I saw a CH that have launched 2 guaranteed contest, the other one was around 3 months ago and the other is a month ago. BOTH his/her contest have no winner until now.

  102. Antasy Says:

    Even though the comps are getting more and more guaranteed, which is good, there are still comps that just get abandoned and then even though the comp is guaranteed there is no way of finding a winner. I personally have been in many comps like that and it is getting frustrating knowing who is going to actually award a prize.

    Is there any way that this can be addressed?


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