99designs featured on CBS News

December 9, 2008

Logo Design, Website Design, and more at 99designs.com

The title of this post says it all really.  Watch the video below:


Great exposure for us which by extension means great exposure for YOU our loyal designers. Enjoy!

Thanks to everyone who helped out with this interview.

21 Responses to “99designs featured on CBS News”

  1. Salafi Says:

    oh man this really awesome

    congrats for all of u

  2. Ten Dimes Says:

    haha Hoshimo! You are now famous lol

  3. webomatik Says:

    it is not ‘work for free’ if you build up your portfolio while chasing the prize

  4. hoshimo Says:

    glad i could be of help to promote you guys :]

  5. Dan Tran Says:

    Nice hoshimo, haha.

    That’ll bring up your rep. :p

  6. ulahts Says:

    Congrats Brian. Nice to see ya there!

    “This 30 years old designer from Romania … and taking home 25K…” :)

    Well, a short note: the ammount has doubled so this year i made the astonishing almost 60K only from 99designs.com – that means collateral clients contacted me more than my winning entries. :D So i might say that i owe you big times 99designs!!! At least a thousand beers for you guys.
    I know there is place for better, but only 99designs.com improvements made that possible :)


  7. AnakNakalKelasBawah Says:

    nothing but….
    Hell Yeah!!

    congratulations 4 all of you guys!

  8. That’s amazing !! you guys deserve it

  9. Ezequiel Says:

    Congrats to 99designs!!! and to Hoshimo!!! famous guy

  10. Carbunash Says:

    and the 50000+ $ profile was the profile of ulahts, right ?:)

  11. 99project Says:

    I love u guys and gals in 99designs :D
    Great Job!

  12. rickshow Says:

    Dude! That’s crazy awesome!
    …and well deserved.

  13. pb_design Says:


    Great to see that level of exposure for the site.

    Hoshimo – great to see you on there!

  14. A.G Says:

    You guys who me big time!!! :-)

  15. Pafl3a Says:

    let’s hope this year 2009 to be more on tv and press, that get more clients :P

  16. Marcus1991 Says:

    I’m going to get 99designs on My Local News ! :)

  17. Andrie Says:

    WOW,, the GREAT HOSHIMO,, at last i saw your face lol …hahaha,,
    nice to see ya Brian..

    great job guys,

  18. DesignBunk Says:

    Congratulations, doesnt surprise me very well deserving. This is one site that takes care of both the designer’s and buyer’s interest. Wishing you more such success.

  19. jefferson Says:


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