Nominations for The Crunchies 2008

November 24, 2008

Nominate 99designs as “Best New Startup of 2008” in The Crunchies 2008. Remember you can vote once per day, so remember to check back and vote often!

Nominations end Wednesday, December 10, 2008 Midnight PST, so let’s try and get as many votes as possible in before then!

45 Responses to “Nominations for The Crunchies 2008”

  1. nadia Says:

    Done ! :-)

  2. @nadia: Thanks! ;-)

  3. robert Says:

    Count me in :)

  4. idyna Says:

    Just voted.. Hope y’all win.

  5. @robert, @iami, idyna: Thank you very much!

  6. fuzzyllama Says:

    and don’t forget “Best Overall”!!! :)

  7. jeiru Says:

    Crunched it!

  8. Thanks @jeiru!
    @fuzzyllama: Haha! Yes, that would be cool, too! :-D

  9. ef-creations Says:

    you are the deserve it. :)

  10. Mistfit Says:

    Certainly the best site I have fond in a good long time :D added my name to what I am sure will be a long list of 99design supporters

  11. @ef-creations: Thank you! :-)

    @Misfit: It’s great to hear you’re enjoying 99designs! Thanks for your support.

  12. @ef-creations: Thank you × 2! ;-)

    #everyone: Please, keep them coming!

  13. Julius- Says:


  14. karmadesigner Says:


  15. Thank you @karmadesigner!

    #everyone: Please spread the word—and remember you can vote every day until nominations close.

  16. ef-creations Says:

    2 votes from 2 different places for today ;)

  17. amokana Says:

    done :) ….. i hope you guys will throw a big party if you win :) … or send 1$ to each designer on this sute :D

  18. maverickboy Says:

    i vote for this …..

  19. roro Says:

    99designs definitely deserves it

  20. Thanks so much, @ef-creations!

    @maverickboy, @roro, @Arun Ram: Thanks for your votes!

    @amokana: Oh, there’ll be much partying if we win! Thanks for your vote!


    #everyone: Only 9-ish days to go!

  21. Matt Mickiewicz Says:

    Voted :)

  22. Blink Says:

    Done Guys,

    Best of luck!

  23. @Matt Mickiewicz: Thanks Matt! :-D

    @Blink: Thanks for your vote!

  24. ef-creations Says:

    always ask for more :D

  25. PANKAJ Says:


  26. @ef-creations: Thanks again! :-D

    @PANKAJ: Thanks for your kind words.

  27. Digisigns Says:

    Just voted :) All the best !!!

  28. Awesome! Thanks @Nestor and @Digisigns!

    Only 2-ish days to go! Let’s vote like crazy!


  29. ansys Says:


    Wish you best of luck for the crunchies!!

  30. skut Says:

    done, good luck :)

  31. alexel Says:

    And the nomination process is over… Good Luck…

  32. Rana Says:

    ~:Best of Luck:~

  33. bellalunaimages Says:

    You certainly have my vote too..!!!

  34. Thanks @alexel, @Rana, and @bellalunaimages!

    Fingers-crossed! ;-)

  35. Matias Kris Says:

    Done!!! Good Luck!

  36. shweta_1510 Says:

    all the best for the crunchies!!

  37. Anck Says:

    Well, I have voted (cause you definitely deserve it), but it seems that something weird is happening with those prizes. They should have announced finalists on 15 December. Too bad they aren’t serious, but let’s hope for the best. Good luck. Hope things will sort out and we’ll celebrate 99designs as winner. :)

  38. Thanks again to #everyone who nominated us.

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