Brief Outage

November 18, 2008

Sorry guys, you might have noticed we had a brief outage today. We are still working out the exact cause, but it looked suspiciously like a denial of service atttack. We put a few measures in place that we had been planning for a while and things are back to normal.

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  1. Perry Reiter Says:

    I know your site was down for about 24 to 30 hours. I think you need to communicate with Designers & Contest holders like myself since we all have experienced extreme frustration. Having the info in the blog is insufficient. Since you have designers from all over the world who barely speak english, you have to make sure everyone (all parties) in the contests are aware of the situation. Time extension of contests should be in made. This is my 1st time using your service and I have referred it to others as well.

  2. Perry, we will be extending any effected contests. The outage was for around 2 hours, but access to the site for 4-5 hours prior to that would have been slow.

    My apologies for your frustration, we are just as frustrated and are doing everything we can.

  3. Hi Guys,

    I agree with the above comment , it was down for a while. This is not a big issue however lack of notification is. I work in the IT industry and its pretty simple to flick out an email or at least provide a more descriptive message. The message supplied suggested it was a planned upgrade as opposed to a DOS attack

  4. Unfortunately outages happen at difficult times. We are still figuring out the best way to keep people informed in situations like these.

    I’m not sure email is the answer to that, but we will certainly consider it as an option.

  5. Rob Johnson Says:

    Let’s be honest and call it for what is was. I was in the middle of several projects and first noticed the issue around 8:00 AM (US eastern standard time) Monday. I was still not able to navigate freely
    around the site as of 6:00 PM last evening and finally gave up (10 hours).

    I agree with the comments above. Some type of notification would have been helpful.

  6. easyarts Says:

    I don’t for some reasons i am seeing less and less Contests ,and especially the one worth of entering . somehow feels like is fading away.

  7. Marcus Says:

    yea…. wow.. i noticed the problem at 6:32 A.M. EST
    where i live.. i had really slow connection on 99designs
    and i could not submit entries or add contests to my watch list..
    All this was well before 99designs was shut off.

  8. Marcus Says:

    but it seems all is well. and i thank the 99designs team for their quick response :)
    you guys are great !

  9. Rodney Says:

    When I noticed the 99designs site slowdown and errors, I checked twitter first.

    That might be a good way to quickly address there is a problem without taking up too much time writing a lengthy blog post or email.

  10. Thanks Rodney, you’re right, a tweet would have been a good idea.

    We’ve come up with an action plan for any future outages such as this one, we’ll make sure everyone is informed and effected contests are granted extensions if they are needed (beyond what contest holders can do themselves).

    The way I tend to look at these sorts of things is that technically, they are unavoidable, but what matters is how they are handled and how they impact you guys. We’ll make sure you’re all more clearly informed next time.

    Thanks for your patience and feedback!

  11. Lee Says:

    Thanks for extending the affected contests. Appreciate you. Hope to have a site worth showing off.


  12. Glad you are back.
    p.s. next time it would be great to receive email about what’s happening from you guys.

    thank you

  13. Fabrik8 Says:

    That was unlucky but these things happen!! :)

  14. nadia Says:

    Not the right place to post this, but Uservoice is also not the place, but I’ll post here anyways as it’s the lates blog entry that may get looked at…

    Seems like winning contest emails are not coming through. 2 were awarded today – just after closing, but no notifications were sent. (I know there’s a problem with winning notifications being sent with contests where a winner is not announced for a while), but these are fairly recent ones, so not sure if it’s a bug or not at this time.

  15. @nadia: I think we’ve sorted it out. Please contact Support if you are still experiencing issues.

  16. nadia Says:

    Thanks Adam,
    seems to have been sorted out pretty quickly… was in touch with Lachlan about it anyways :-)

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