Towards Prepaid Contests…

November 6, 2008

We are in the middle of launching the first step of the new system that will handle prepaid contests, prize payouts and all of the other neat ideas we have for improving what we offer as a marketplace. This first step is largely under the hood, but you will notice a new transaction page and a history of past transactions under my account.

Thanks for your patience with the downtime whilst we get everything up and running.

P.S. I’d like to introduce Sapphira who has joined our team to handle designer prize payments!

25 Responses to “Towards Prepaid Contests…”

  1. amokana Says:

    great features guys ….. looking forward for the new “all prepaid” system !!

    is western union still in consideration ?….. time of payment don’t bother me as long as i know i won’t be ignored …. so do you plan to transfer the prize to the winning designer by western union ? if yes what are the conditions ?

    thanks for your hard work

  2. Yeah23 Says:

    Nice question amokana.
    So, is it possible? Please :)?

  3. Gandecruz Says:

    welcome a board, Sapphira :D

  4. @amokana: If you happen to live in a country that is not covered by any of our preferred payment gateways (PayPal, Moneybookers, Xoom, or Payoneer), we will continue to offer you Western Union payments (but only where there is absolutely no other way).

  5. simonbun Says:

    Great! So all newly created contests are pre-paid now?

  6. kaysgraphics Says:

    Hey gang. Just wanted to show you all a nice little discussion going on about 99 designs and pre-paying.

    Good job and keep it up.

  7. Paul Says:

    When do you estimate all contests will be prepaid?

  8. Rodney Says:

    Good to hear that the automated prepaid contests/designer payout is moving along. I was getting worried there for a sec :)

  9. Dolan Says:

    I am new desiner please site me

  10. kahel Says:

    Please implement prepaid contest there are lots of scammer who abuse the designer and

  11. Haris Tahir Says:

    Thankyou very much for your co-operation.

  12. syed siddiq Says:

    I think this feature will be great as many of the guys just put there entry in then the go away with out any response I will love if this feature comes

  13. syed siddiq Says:

    also let me now when this feature is getting added

  14. Wat is the 99 Designs business model? How does it make money? sorry if this is a dumb question. :(

  15. Oskar Arnarson (AKA REFLECT) Says:

    Hi there,

    I couldn’t submit my proposal today because of errors that kept showing up on the site. I couldn’t mail you guys either. Will try again once the site is up. I want to ask if you’ll consider to extend all contests that were supposed to end today by one day.

    When there was 1 hour left of one contest, I tried to submit but all I got was errors… Then all of the sudden the site told me the time was up.

    I spent a lot of time on it so I would greatly appreciate it if you could do something to help me out here. I’ve spoken to other users who’ve also been getting errors.

    Oskar Arnarson (REFLECT)

  16. st_halu Says:

    Sapphira rule xD

  17. ckolic Says:

    Is it possible to get Payonner MasterCard over as Payoneer partner?

  18. @Oskar Arnason: Sorry again about the outage.

    @st_halu: She does, doesn’t she! ;-)

    @ckolic: We’ll let you know (here on our blog) when you can.

  19. Hi all,

    I went to guarantee one of my contests I’ve just launched, and found that I have to pay an extra 10% for the priviledge.

    With the new pre-paid system, will all contests cost an extra 10%?

    If so, a bad move – it’s more money for 99designs (who do pretty well off the fee for launching a contest alone).

  20. @Plastic Box Web Design: The 10% fee covers gateway transaction fees, plus other related fees; such as: administrative, legal, etc. Making payments isn’t quick, easy, or free.

  21. Lucy Chase Says:

    I think Pre-paid contests are a must. It will give us designers more confidence and in turn give the CH a lot more entries.

    I can see why CH’s are so reluctant to guarantee their contests! It costs them a lot more – There is still no guarantee that they will get the logo they want and they HAVE to choose a winner. I understand that it all costs, but an incentive rather than an extra charge, might convince more CH’s to guarantee their contests, bringing more designers in – Just my opinion.

  22. Mark Says:

    Welcome Sapphira.

    I’m in total agreement on the prepaid contest system. I think it will improve everything all-around.

    Just my 2 cents worth.

  23. Runo Says:

    Just a note about the prepaid contest. Before introducing this way, the prizes were paid within a minutes. Normally if there were other wishes of the CH the collaboration continues. With this new way we have to wait one week (if there are any complains) which I think is too long. If there are any complains they are usually in the next couple of days. Also when the designer ask for a payout, and says “These are credit payouts which you have requested, and will be processed shortly.” Shortly for me (especially with the PayPall is within 15-20 min, I will give an hour top, but waiting more than 24 hours I think is not professional, and if it’s weekend do we have to wait till Monday to get our money, even thought the CH is happy and already using our designs?. Maybe I am wrong but if we are accepting to wait for a week at least we expect to be payed promptly when we are ordering the payout. I know maybe everything is new and going slow but you have to amend it quickly.

  24. i was beginning to feel i may possibly be the sole guy whom thought about this, at the very least at present i acknowledge i’m not ridiculous :) i am going to make sure to find out more about a few various articles immediately after i get a tad of caffeine in me, it is very difficult to read without having my coffee, adios for now :)

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