99designs featured on fast company

October 25, 2008

Some more press for 99designs, this time on fastcompany.com

More coverage = more businesses that know about 99designs = more work for designers.


3 Responses to “99designs featured on fast company”

  1. WebSight Says:

    It is great to see 99designs getting more publicity!

  2. Management at 99Designs;

    Your new features and processes will be great BUT I think some work is required on ‘the basics’ like a system that enables prompt replies to paying customer inquiries.

    I have now launched two guaranteed contests on your service and have been forced to contact your help staff on two occasions. While your folks are very nice and helpful, they take days to respond. As you know, contests and their purposes are time sensitive, so delays in responding to service requests can cause problems for contest holders and designers alike.

    Your service has great potential but a friendly suggestion would be to make it completely self-service, unless you are going to provide more timely live customer service.

  3. @Bill McMullin: We hear what you’re saying and are working on some big, big, big improvements in this area. Stay tuned.

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