99designs launches USA headquarters

October 22, 2008

Today we announced that we’ve launched an office in San Francisco. Here’s the official press release

What this means is more focus and more growth for 99designs in the North American market and ultimately more customers for our designers.  All of our site development work will still be done out of Australia, with sales, marketing and business development being driven out of the states.

Just thought you’d like to know what we’re up to behind the scenes.

10 Responses to “99designs launches USA headquarters”

  1. Salafi Says:

    good news


  2. kroz Says:

    Progress for 99designs means progress for us designers. Good news indeed. Mabuhay kayo

  3. Rodney Says:

    Congrats! That’s not too far from me :)

  4. Justin Says:

    Nice one, congratulations… U.S.A.!

  5. marcus Says:

    Good For You Guys !
    Glad To Hear It

  6. Congrats on your new global location.
    I have two words for you guys “Bring it”

    God bless 99 designs

  7. bteves Says:

    Yay…great to hear, congrats! Will CS be available to US designers as well?

  8. Aaron Says:

    hi guys good news.

    Im from the UK (England) and love doing work on 99designs.com i was wondering if their is ever going to be a uk version with GBP instead of dollars

  9. Will Egan Says:

    Hi guys,

    Good to see some innovation coming out of Australia! How many people who use this site know where collingwood is? It’s good to be local!

  10. Congratulations! It is great to see you expanding. This is a great service.

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