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Guaranteed Contest Payouts

October 24, 2008

We are hard at work on automating the guaranteed contests and prepaid contests system that we recently blogged about. In the meantime we will be paying out designers on Tuesday mornings (Melbourne, Australia time), on a weekly basis.

Bear with us while we make this process seamless! If you are concerned about getting design files to the contest holder quickly, you can tick the “I have been paid” option in the Design Handover and provide the files immediately, your payment will occur in the following payment cycle (the following tuesday morning).

Preference in payment will be given to PayPal and MoneyBookers payments. Neither of these payment methods will incur a fee. Western Union and Wire Transfer may take up to two weeks, depending on the volume. Third party fees for these methods will be deducted from the prize.

Today we announced that we’ve launched an office in San Francisco. Here’s the official press release

What this means is more focus and more growth for 99designs in the North American market and ultimately more customers for our designers.  All of our site development work will still be done out of Australia, with sales, marketing and business development being driven out of the states.

Just thought you’d like to know what we’re up to behind the scenes.

We’ve been thinking long and hard about how we can drive prize amounts up over time for the benefit of all designers.  Obviously there needs to be a tangible reason for contest holders to spend more money on prizes, and it needs to be something that they can easily understand.  Enter our idea…

The idea we’ve come up with is to provide more visibility for the higher priced contests. More visibility will result in more entries and therefore more choice for the contest holder. That’s something that they will not only understand, they will pay more for.

The way we plan to achieve that is to re-order the category page lists (e.g. logo design, webpage design, etc.) by highest prize first through to lowest prize last rather than newest contest through to oldest. In a nut shell, now the more a contest holder offers as a prize the longer their contest will appear in the spot light. 

We’ve gone ahead and implemented this change across all category pages. Designers who don’t wish to view the list of contests ordered this way can simply re-order the list by clicking the column headings.

The main contest page which lists all contests across all cateories will still be ordered as is it is now, newest listing at the top though to oldest. The reason we didn’t change that page is because it would give an unfair advantage to contests for webpages which are higher priced than logos.

At the same time, we’ve also increased the prize minimums slightly. Let’s see how this plays out, we’ll be watching the stats closely, and hoping it makes you all more money!

Sample Anthill Cover

Sample Anthill Cover

 We have some very exciting news hot off the press (pardon the pun)… 

99designs has teamed up with Anthill Magazine, Australia’s leading magazine for entrepreneurs and fast growth companies, to give YOU the opportunity to design the front cover of a special Dec/Jan edition of the magazine…

Not only will you get to add a major magazine title to your design folio, and get your name on the front cover and a small feature inside the magazine itself, you’ll also be part of the world’s first user-generated magazine experiment. 

 Interested?  Well, don’t just sit there head on over and get involved…