99designs: the #1 design contest marketplace

September 10, 2008

At this point in time there is over $90,000 USD in open prize money on 99designs. Around $13,000 USD of new cash is offered every day. This is not only a record for 99designs, we believe it’s a world record – we don’t know of any other site like 99designs.com anywhere that offers that kind of cashola to designers on a daily basis. That makes 99designs the #1 design contest marketplace on the Web. 

Why am I telling you this?

Well, if you’re going to invest your time building a profile on a site like 99designs.com (either as a client or a designer) you want to make sure you’re getting maximum bang for your buck – more clients means more opportunities for designers to win new business, and more designers means more choice for our clients. Everyone wins!

15 Responses to “99designs: the #1 design contest marketplace”

  1. moDesignz Says:

    WOW!! congrats! I have noticed that 99designs always has to have a contest holder offering a $1,000 and over

    excellent site this is and am glad am a member :D

  2. dean collins Says:

    Note…..design only – you still cant get a real website built here.


  3. marieke Says:

    Did you add up the cash that is not paid in the end(for no apparent reason)? I think it’s a good time to make all contests ‘guaranteed’,especially now you’re #1

  4. psygn Says:

    @ dean collins

    Hence the name 99designs.
    Hence the title and the bolded part: “99designs the #1 design contest marketplace”

    But thanks for spitting out the obvious. :P

  5. Maginno Says:

    Not to rain on the parade but I am sure it would be a record if that was money paid out – not money promised. Abandoned contests would take a big chunk out of that but still a nice mark.

  6. Actually, the abandoned rate of contests is quite low as an overall percentage of total contests ran. But we hear you, it’s something we’re working on.

  7. congratulations ! you guys deserve it

  8. Jason Says:

    Thanks, I think I just found my next niche!

  9. genpix Says:

    One improvement that would be great is to optimize this site for “logo design” Google searches. Currently 99designs is around #240. With all the traffic this site gets, I’m sure it could rank much higher if you were to optimize it for those keywords. I know this site isn’t at all limited to logo design, but that’s the most popular search term among the types of design available here, and it also happens to be the type of design most popular on this site already. If people who searched Google for “logo design” were to see this site among the top results, I’m sure there would be even more contest holders, as well as designers, finding us. Like you said, “If you’re going to invest your time building a profile on a site like 99designs.com … you want to make sure you’re getting maximum bang for your buck!”

  10. Lee Says:

    Well done, that is a great result.

    I just hope you appreciate that it is the contest holder you should be listening to in terms of functionality.
    If it were easier to run a contest and manage it would be even better for all involved.
    It is the contest holder who pays all the bills for your site.
    If you can attract more and also retain them, that would be a good thing right.

    All the very best!

    Kind regards

  11. walastik Says:


  12. I have to agree with Mark, 99Designs has a substantially low abandonment rate compared to other contest sites I’ve frequented. And I’ve been to a Bunch, close to 120+ sites that offer contest services. As far as low abandonment’s, I would say 99Designs is in the top 15 category, which is rather good.

    Could be better of course, but That’s where the Guaranteed contests come into play. I always encourage new CH’s to go guaranteed. Heck, I got one with a $1,000.00 prize to pre-pay guaranteed the other day to attract more designers because the contest was starting to look flaky.

    Just wanted to say GREAT JOB 99Designs, Keep up the good customer service & this site will hit Forbes magazine & other news media networks in no time! :)

  13. Mare Says:

    Since i found this site i cant get no sleep :D
    I learned a lot tru this site and you earned my respect!
    I only wonder WHY cant you make all contests guaranteed?
    I’ve won on 3 contests and got cashed out for one…:(
    I realy LOVE this place but thats not cool..
    Hope you guys will find the way solve this major isue.
    All best,

  14. Elijah14 Says:

    Really great to be here & be a part of! Congratulations!!

  15. Graphx78 Says:

    congrats 99designs! 99designs change designers life :)

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