How do you like to be paid?

August 6, 2008

During the development of the “pre-payment” feature you have all been waiting for, we have had a good chance to look over what different payment methods designers and contest holders use and the pros and cons of each. The following payment methods will be offered and endorsed by 99designs:

If offered in your country, PayPal is by far the best option. They have low transaction fees and great fraud protection for all parties. Accounts can be linked to banks and credit cards easily.

Payments can be made to a variety of countries, and can be made from a PayPal account. This is great for contest holders who already have a PayPal account but need to make a payment to somewhere like Bosnia or the Philippines.

Like Xoom, Money Bookers offers payment to a wide variety of countries. The transaction fees are also quite low. Payments cannot be reversed, but they can be tracked and customer support seems to be quite responsive.

We have decided to NOT offer Western Union or MoneyGram. These services are often associated with fraudsters and money laundering, have extremely high fees when compared to other services and in almost all cases requires payment in cash at a physical location.

What payment method is your preference? How do you feel about the removal of Western Union as a supported option for payment?

Update: We have decided to still offer Western Union payments and are looking at the addition of Payoneer.

67 Responses to “How do you like to be paid?”

  1. Evako Says:

    How about alertpay?

  2. Den Says:

    “We have decided to NOT offer Western Union or MoneyGram.”

    I don’t agree with this!

  3. Inspired Says:

    Moneybookers, they offer payment to countries that cannot receive via paypal, this creates better and fair opportunities to a lot of designers on the site. Bank Transfer is a good option to.

  4. simonbun Says:

    PayPal is great as long as you stay under a fairly low monthly limit. Once you have to switch to an advanced account you pay 3.9% fees, which I wouldn’t describe as low. As far as I can tell, MoneyBookers has far lower fees.

    As an aside, how are transaction fees handled? Payed for by the CH, designer or 99designs? Or somehow split between multiple parties?

  5. meskowhizz Says:

    Actually Xoom can’t send to Bosnia :) (neither can the two other options), and I bet that’s the case with a number of other small countries…

    Have you considered

  6. Vikito Says:

    There are countries in the world where neither PayPal, nor Xoom or Moneybookers i.e. the three options listed here DO NOT operate in, while Western Union and MoneyGram do operate and are the only choices for some designers.

    In addition, all designers who have Western Union as an only choice, accept the fees to be deducted from the total prize amount.

    I don’t agree Western Union to be removed from payment options!

  7. GraySource Says:

    “We have decided to NOT offer Western Union or MoneyGram.”

    Aww man, that’s a bummer.

    Can’t there be a history feedback about it first rather than just take it out entirely? Just when I was about to get a gold card from Western Union. Can that be a sort of verification? Their gold card?

    Anyway, I just hope XOOM works just as fast as Western Union.

  8. Art Says:

    Paypal is the best option so far, if it is available in your country.

  9. Jasi Says:

    Credit Card

  10. Mare Says:

    Hmm.. i dont see the reason putin out western union?
    I think that the more payment methods the better..
    Im from Serbia and i can only dill with western union and electronic transfer they have a big fees but thats the only way i can get payed.. :(

  11. ZZZzzz Says:

    I feel that western union should stay.
    In my country (Serbia) only western union works :(

  12. viriathe Says:

    Yes paypal is the best option!

  13. Gandecruz Says:

    1. paypal.. it’s a must
    2. anything else. :D

    i assume by these paying system may reduce the amount of people who registers a multiple nickname. If western union is a must, so be it (fee taken out from the prize). But the receiver address must be recorded.. so only one address per name. hmm..nit.nit..nit.. privacy things isn’t it? i assured 99designs will handle this professionaly :D

  14. LogoRush Says:

    I like having electronic transfer, I love to be paid by google checkout. I have not tried it here at 99designs but on other design sites it is refered to the quickest pay.

  15. LogoRush Says:


  16. Rodrigo Says:

    Paypal for sure!
    Honestly, don’t waste time adding Xoom, their service is HORRIBLE.
    I had a bad experience using Xoom.

  17. Rodney Says:

    I’ve paid freelancers through just about all of those services (xoom,paypal,moneybookers). Out of them all, PayPal and xoom were the easiest to use.

    I also paid one 99designer via because the other options weren’t available and that was a pretty easy payment process as well. emoneygram has a better verification process on the sender’s end than Western Union and they reach a lot of countries that PayPal wouldn’t.

  18. adnan Says:

    can contest holder pay from paypal to moneybookers?
    was wondering no one talking about………

  19. kroz Says:

    Just to be clear.. we do have paypal here in the Philippines! :) And I’m so happy with it so far. I remember when I used to be paid through western union. Its such a hassle compared to paypal.

  20. ocp Says:

    paypal, but i wish there’s a better option for countries beyond paypal territory.

  21. evoke Says:

    Hi, Paypal is not offered in my country. I tried XOOM and my country was on the list when I tried to register, but it appears not to be on the list for transfers.

  22. red chilli Says:

    Xoom is great! Faster payment processing at a very low fee. Paypal is second I guess, for me.

  23. jeremy stephens Says:

    Check (cheque) and major credit cards a must have

  24. canyonos Says:

    Western Union sholud stay, In many countries it is the only possible payment method. I won 8 times and every time received money via Western Union, and if you remove western Union I can delete my account here.

  25. freshjolt Says:

    google checkout is awesome for receiving payment by credit card.

  26. Gurú Says:

    I received (in Argentina) lot of payments via Western Union from CHs and never had a problem.

  27. amokana Says:

    yep really western union is the only alternative for me and i guess for a large number of other designers …. this case is really alarming and everyone should vote on this ……. maybe you must do like a vote thing in the front page of 99designs or something like that in a place that can’t be missed … because a lot of people don’t even know about this decision

    and “fraudsters and money laundering” …come on , no one makes a 10000$ per month here … and trust will be always present , because a 100% working on both side security system dosen’t simply exist … trust is all

  28. Muh'd Says:

    You have decided to NOT offer Western Union, then you have decided to lose a good number of 99designs designers, and I’ll be the first, simply because it’s the ONLY way I can get paid, due to the country where I live.

  29. You should seriously consider to partner with (as Elance, GAF, oDesk, etc.) and offer a 99design payoneer card.
    99members would order the card through 99 and prepaid prizes could be withdrawn by member from 99 to members payoneer account.
    In the same time every client could pay directly with his credit card to the members payoneer card through the payoneer website. Easy and works worldwide. Then there would be no need anymore of Western Union, which should stay as a payment form at least until there would be a 99 design-PayoneerCard available. Dear 99ers, please take a closer look to payoneer …

  30. Paypal Please :)

    Why not give multiple options?

  31. ansys Says:

    Paypal is the best option but if given a choice between money gram and western union i’d prefer Moneygram because they have low transaction fees and high exchange rate compared to western union and I think it operates to all small countries also where there is no paypal or moneybookers and xoom.

  32. BombardierBob Says:

    Western Union…being linked to fraudster? That is one of the most heavily used money system and extremely hard to commit to fraud as they deal with money upfront and the person that picks up has to show id to retrieve payment. If it is under fraud the US Government would have them shut down and under investigation. So try again on the reason to kill that!


  33. Nadia P Says:

    Thinking aloud: it probably comes down to ease of payment for many contest holders. I know that if I had to pay via WU I wouldn’t hold a contest. Have no idea where I’d have to go to do that here and for me it would be a real nuisance having to leave my office to make such a payment. Many CHs will not pay via WU for that very reason I suspect.

  34. Dan Grossman Says:

    It looks like from WU’s website that in several countries, including Australia and USA, the *sender* can send money online to any of the recipient countries using a credit card. We don’t have to go out to an agent location.

  35. roro Says:

    What if my country is not supported by any of these?

  36. Rest assured that we aren’t going to make any decisions which leave some countries out in the cold, payment-wise. We are investigating a number of different options still, we are really just looking for feedback from you guys on which you would prefer.

    Western Union DOES have a web interface for payments, although it can only be used to make payments to a small number of countries (rendering it fairly useless).

  37. Vikito Says:

    I think that Western Union should definitely remain whereby stressing that the fees will be deducted from the prize i.e. paid by the designer which I think is fair.
    If there’s possibility, payment options should be made constant (all options to be included) which will give a chance to me and to all others like me to design in each contest. If you make some rough statistics you’ll notice that a contest with WU has bigger turnout

  38. BombardierBob Says:

    Well with all money services they all do charge something, I get paid by PayPal and they always rip out fees out of the prize amount. So whether it is through PayPal or Western Union or Money Brokers there is always a fee being ripped out on the designer. So keep WU on as an option.


  39. Steve Says:

    Payoneer is way to go. Its really easy to get money directly on to the debit card. You just click and the money is loaded on the card immediately. Then all you need to do is go to the ATM and pull the money in your local currency. Its great.

  40. Secrptizeers54 Says:

    Been using Payoneer for a while they are great. It would be awesome if you guys would use them because many people already have the card. Just would be really easy.

  41. Alexel Says:

    @meskowhizz Says: “Actually Xoom can’t send to Bosnia :) (neither can the two other options), and I bet that’s the case with a number of other small countries…”

    There are two ways to receive payments via MoneyBookers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I am receiving money with MoneyBookers. I have Visa Electron Debit Card that is associated with my MoneyBookers account, but there’s another option – If You don’t have debit/credit card You can associate Your MB account to Your bank account.

    However, I can’t receive payments via PayPal in Bosnia.

  42. yeah23 Says:

    I DON’T AGREE about Western Union. The more payment options you put, the more satisfied designers and contest holders you’ll get.

  43. theANUNGs Says:

    Alertpay is another great payment proccessor, it’s like paypal and I never had problems from their service.

  44. Carbunash Says:

    I think Western Union should stay. I never used it on 99designs, but I got money from somewhere else. I use paypal. But a nice thing by Western Union is that the minimum age is 14 years…on paypal it’s 18.

    Anyway, I think if someone wants to be payed with WU he/she knows the fees and how it works.

    Western Union should be an option:). (Paypal is still No.1:))


  45. nejikun Says:

    Paypal doesnt work for me so im using, the client can be use paypal or their credit card and i always indicate to check the deposit to bank option, after 2-3days the transfer has been made. :)

  46. erdesign Says:

    Western Union should be an option, I’m from Argentina, and for me is the most easier option.

  47. josetrejo Says:

    hope you consider its a very good method and pays to a debit card. Eitherways I vote for paypal

  48. josetrejo Says:

    also I think you should consider alertpay, I think it has less problems than paypal.

  49. betterfly Says:

    Paypal…is the best fraud protection! Work very well in my country which have a bad track records in fraud crime…

  50. Manay Says:

    How about ?
    You can withdraw the funds from any ATM machine from any part of the WORLD. No matter where you are ! .

  51. dzr@ Says:

    Money Bookers is perfect for me.

    “We have decided to NOT offer Western Union or MoneyGram.”

    I don’t agree with this!

  52. ckolic Says:

    I wish I can be payes over Paypal but I can’t, Western Union is only way here in Croatia.

  53. exido Says:


  54. Nebojsa Says:

    Only options for my country (serbia) is western union or credit card. Well i would like to WU stays on payment method list.

  55. Manay Says:

    I hope you will Consider

  56. wekr Says:


  57. Scott Says:

    on eting should be noted I see one contest the CH was billing all expensices for money trnsaction tot he desinger..we as designers should not be resposnible for the services fees that a CH amy incur…they are asking us for help in adsing..and if a deisng challenge is for 200.00 and lets say western uniion fees are 20 buck the CH is billing us for the charges…this is wrong…

    once again CH are looking for our help not the other way around. for any CH’s PayPal is not FREE serivces charges apply…and take 5-10 to transfer..Paypal is not a great option

  58. WeShine Says:

    PayPal is the easiest way – no need to consider Western Union.

  59. ckolic Says:

    “PayPal is the easiest way – no need to consider Western Union.”

    Easy to say when you can get money over paypal, I can’t and WU is only way for me. Don’t be ignorant.

  60. SDStduio Says:


  61. We don’t agree with this at all!!!
    The Western Union is the only way for receive prize money for too many of designers here and it wouldn’t be fair for all of us to simply get cut off.

    We would like you to consider this decision one more, regarding all of us that don’t have any other way to receive the money prize.

  62. What about iKobo ??? It also works great in all countries over ATM machine and has small fees.

    Please have in mind for lots of great designers here!!!

  63. benwestster Says:

    Payoneer is far the best, unique, easy online payment method. why?

    1- secure
    2- available worldwide.
    3- reverse payment: get money directly on to the debit by just a click / buy online by just a click.

  64. scarlettmoon Says:

    PayPal seems to be the most secure option and with the quick application for a business account or upgrade to your personal account, your money is immediately available. There is a nominal fee incurred however that is the cost of doing business anywhere.

  65. scarlettmoon Says:

    Checks – personal or business should not be considered for payment. The designers would like their $$ asap and the clients need their designs. I won’t enter contest that are check or cheque only.

    For those who can only use Western Union…it should remain an option.

  66. Dunzy Says:

    Western Union

  67. Damma Says:

    Please do not cancel the Western Union!!!!! For some people that is the only way to receive money.
    Please be kind, and dont shut us down!!!!

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