Contest Length… More or Less

July 22, 2008

We’ve made a few changes relating to the length of time that contests can run for.

Standard Length

The standard length for contests remains at 7 days.  But rather than having contests in the web design category run for 10 days, we’ve listened to you guys and gone back to 7 days across the board – but with a couple of changes.  Read on…

Fast Track is Back

The Fast Track option had a short holiday from the Web Page Design category, but is now back in full force.  If you’re looking for a design in a hurry, or you’re a designer chasing that fast money, fast tracked contests are quick contests which run for 1, 2 or 3 days.  But if that doesn’t turn out to be quite enough time, keep reading…

Contest Extensions

Contest holders can now choose to extend a contest while it is still running – but the minimum prize amount that they must offer goes up with each day beyond the standard length of 7 days.  If their prize was sitting on the minimum amount for the category, it will need to be increased by about 25% for each day extended.  Of course, if the prize was already way above the minimum, it wont need to be increased to extend the contest.

Contest extensions gives the contest holder more chance to work with the leading designers in the contest to nail down an idea that everyone is happy with.  And of course the increased prize gives designers incentive to work on polishing up that last revision or two.

If you’re a contest holder and need extra time – edit your contest and click on ‘extend this contest’.

9 Responses to “Contest Length… More or Less”

  1. KimKiyaa Says:

    Very glad to hear. The change back was made fairly quickly. Thanks :)

  2. Createabit Says:

    Great work guys/gals. Glad to see these changes. Keep up the great work. :)


  3. ansys Says:

    This is a very good news that the fast track is back. Also the days from 10 to 7 is also nice because to wait for the contest to end to be declared a winner is very long beside 7 days is enough for designers to submit a design and as the contest extension option is also added the 99 design have more better.

    Good luck to you guys.


  4. Ten Dimes Says:

    Great job everyone at 99! Its nice to hear that the users voices are constantly being heard on this site. I love it! Now what can you do to get me to win more contests dammit :)

  5. Valor Says:

    I’m glad it has gone back. Its in the initial stages of the contest that a contest holder will find a design he/she likes. After that they wait to see if anything can beat the design they are probably going to choose.

  6. psygn Says:

    Great news! Thanks for listening to the community! This is the way great businesses run :-)

  7. Nadia P Says:

    Thanks for listening guys !
    It’s also good to see that once designers are made aware of these issues (via PM – as many don’t visit the blog or uservoice) they rally around and will add to the vote tally – thanks to all who helped get these suggestions passed !

  8. Art Says:

    How do i find a Fast track contest… instead of checking each contest or the contest time.
    You got my point, easy way to find a contest as a fast track like a button ?

  9. rohit kumar Says:

    The post kind of helped me. Well How you get ideas for such posts. sorry if it’s out of topic.

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