We Have A Winner!

July 7, 2008

Voting for this month’s best design has closed, and we have a winner of the MacBook!

Congratulations to maloandjelce! I certainly don’t think anyone expected a stationary design to win, but this business card design was the clear winner with 109 votes out of over 7000 total votes. The next highest voted design was a logo design by denilicious, with 87 votes.

The response to this competition has been huge, thanks to all who voted or comments. Hopefully this contest is the first of many!

37 Responses to “We Have A Winner!”

  1. maloandjelce Says:

    I would like to say THANK YOU to all the people who wote for my design

  2. ulahts Says:

    OMG, congratulations.
    That was my best choice. Excellent executed and very very nice.
    COngrats again.


  3. Ingoal Says:

    Congrats! Have fun with your new Apple!

  4. ClaX Says:

    Congrats maloandjelce.

    Just out of interest, how many votes did the top web site design get?

  5. Congratulations :)

  6. Rodney Says:

    The link to the logo design by denilicious is broken. Looks like it’s linked to a local development server.

  7. Rodney Says:

    Actually, the link to maloandjelce is broken as well.

  8. Matt Says:

    Wow… that’s… unexpected. Oh well.

  9. maloandjelce Says:

    Thanks to all of you,and Thank you Matt???
    And I don’t know what is wrong with link Rodney :((

    Anyone with same problem as Rodney??

  10. maloandjelce Says:

    109 wotes?

  11. Nadia P Says:

    If you actually click on the winning image, you’ll get the right link (the text links is incorrect)

    and runner up is this one I think:

    Congrats to maloandjelce – nice work.

  12. Rodney Says:

    maloandjelce, your name that is hyperlinked in the post above is linked to:


    And denilicious name that is hyperlinked above is linked to: http://lox.contests.99d/contests/7811/designers/231881

    Which I’m guessing is a 99designs development server that is offline.

  13. Gandecruz Says:

    congratz !!!.. congratz.. :D

  14. ansys Says:

    Congrats maloandjelce!!! This is really a pleasant surprise.

  15. maloandjelce Says:

    thanks again :))

  16. canyonos Says:

    Congrats. Cestitam :)

  17. Paul Annesley Says:

    Nadia P and Rodney: thanks – I’ve fixed the links :)

  18. Art Says:


  19. CoreDesignz Says:

    Nice design , Congrats .

  20. haetro Says:

    Congratulation maloandjelce, thats a very impressive design. :)

  21. entz Says:

    Congrats maloandjelce! Definitly deserving! :)

  22. maloandjelce Says:

    Thanks :))

  23. Jauhari Says:

    Just Perfect

  24. chere Says:

    Congrats maloandjelce!!!!!!

    Sve cestitke i samo napred…

  25. RonnieFizz Says:

    congrats mate..
    that was some nice work you did!


  26. windcreation Says:

    Cestitam maloandjelce!!!

  27. maloandjelce Says:

    Hvala :))

  28. Renata Says:

    Love it.. Real nice design maloandjelce.

  29. maloandjelce Says:

    Thank you again

  30. psygn Says:

    Congratulations, maloandjelce!

    Enjoy your MacBook!! :)

  31. SDStduio Says:

    Congratulations, maloandjelce!

  32. Syed Says:

    Congrats maloandjelce!!! Mac on its way.. Woohoo.!

  33. maloandjelce Says:

    Thanks :))))))

  34. angrypuppy Says:

    Wow! Very nice.

  35. gr8pixel Says:

    Congratulations, maloandjelce! :)

  36. Congratulations to maloandjelce! I’m sure being chosen out of over 150,000+ designers is some what breath taking for you. If you thought about it like that, that is.

    To me, being voted the best out of 150,000 designers (Assorted possible entries) would be flattering & a symbolism of recognizable skill throughout the industry in question. I mean, seriously, It’s one thing to have 1 or 2 clients voting whats best, but a totally different ball game when you have 150,000+ designers vote you as the winner. :)

    Besides, I’m sure you know the old Joke: What do you get when you have more than one designer in a room? — Answer — 1,000 reasons why the others designs suck & 100 reasons why yours is better! :)

    I always like that joke, has a bit of reality to it… at any rate, Congratulations again maloandjelce!

  37. maloandjelce Says:

    Thank you Illustration Design :))
    You make me smile :)))
    Best Regards,and thanks again to all of you

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