Deal for 99’ers on leading Australian Web Conference

July 2, 2008

We’ve negotiated with the organizers of Web Directions South to save you $55 on your ticket to this fantastic 3 day Web Conference which is held in Sydney between September 23 and 26.

I’ve been to Web Directions South many times – it’s one of the best conferences for web designers, developers, or anyone who makes a living from the Web, not only in Australia but worldwide.

Granted, not everyone can get out to Australia, but if you’re intending to visit this is a great excuse to make your trip a tax deduction.

Big name speakers include:

– Douglas Crockford – JavaScript authrority – Yahoo!
– Jeffrey Veen- user experience expert – Adaptive Path
– Derek Featherstone – accessibility for web apps
– Daniel Burka – interaction design – Digg
– Mark Pesce – web visionary

Topics covered include:
– front and back end design and development
– mobile design and development
– information architecture
– user experience and interaction design
– social media and networks
– Ajax and JavaScript
– semantic web
– marketing and advertising online
– and so much more

Grab your tickets before July 19th using this special code “WDS08-99designs” to save fifty five bucks. Tickets cost $795. Let me know if you’re going to be there and we’ll buy you a drink or two.

4 Responses to “Deal for 99’ers on leading Australian Web Conference”

  1. Sean Says:

    $800 is a bit out of my reach; I am but a lowly student! I wish I could afford it though, it sounds terrific!

  2. Valor Says:

    Unfortunately I live in United States but I must say that $800 bucks for a ticket is quite expensive.

  3. Nadia P Says:

    @ Valor, if you think that’s expensive, then you haven’t seen some of the ticket prices for major web conferences in the states :-)

  4. ansys Says:

    For me also the ticket price is quiet high from a country like Nepal.

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