Sourcing your design work from 99designs is something to be proud of, but there are times when you don’t want the world to know where or how you sourced your logo.  We totally understand, so we’re excited to now offer a “Private Contest” upgrade which will allow contest holders to run their contests in privacy.

Here’s the low down…

Private contests are only visible to members who are logged into  Any old chump browsing the site won’t see it – they won’t even be able to search for it.  Public search engines such as and will also be prevented from indexing your contest listing. For all intents and purposes, a private contest doesn’t exist unless you’re a logged in member of

Designers — please make sure you’re logged in to at all times so you don’t miss out on all the private contests.

Mum’s the word!

We’ve made a few changes relating to the length of time that contests can run for.

Standard Length

The standard length for contests remains at 7 days.  But rather than having contests in the web design category run for 10 days, we’ve listened to you guys and gone back to 7 days across the board – but with a couple of changes.  Read on…

Fast Track is Back

The Fast Track option had a short holiday from the Web Page Design category, but is now back in full force.  If you’re looking for a design in a hurry, or you’re a designer chasing that fast money, fast tracked contests are quick contests which run for 1, 2 or 3 days.  But if that doesn’t turn out to be quite enough time, keep reading…

Contest Extensions

Contest holders can now choose to extend a contest while it is still running – but the minimum prize amount that they must offer goes up with each day beyond the standard length of 7 days.  If their prize was sitting on the minimum amount for the category, it will need to be increased by about 25% for each day extended.  Of course, if the prize was already way above the minimum, it wont need to be increased to extend the contest.

Contest extensions gives the contest holder more chance to work with the leading designers in the contest to nail down an idea that everyone is happy with.  And of course the increased prize gives designers incentive to work on polishing up that last revision or two.

If you’re a contest holder and need extra time – edit your contest and click on ‘extend this contest’.

We Have A Winner!

July 7, 2008

Voting for this month’s best design has closed, and we have a winner of the MacBook!

Congratulations to maloandjelce! I certainly don’t think anyone expected a stationary design to win, but this business card design was the clear winner with 109 votes out of over 7000 total votes. The next highest voted design was a logo design by denilicious, with 87 votes.

The response to this competition has been huge, thanks to all who voted or comments. Hopefully this contest is the first of many!

Well, it’s monday morning, and we thought we would release some of the improvements you guys have been asking for.

  • Contests in “Web Page Design” now default to 10 days long, with no fast track upgrade available

This has been a leading complaint from designers and contest holders, web page design layouts just take longer. Keep in mind that contest holders can declare a winner at any point.

  • Re-enforced the need for feedback to Contest Holders across the site

Contest holders now see a heading indicating that they need to leave feedback at the top of a contest, along with new reminder emails if the contest is unhealthy.

  • Clearly indicate a designer has withdrawn all designs from a contest

Previously when a designer had withdrawn all designs from a contest, the contest holder would have no idea what had happened or where the designer had gone. Now a list of withdrawn designers is shown at the bottom of a contest listing (see here). Additionally, designers now have the ability to “unwithdraw” designs.

  • Removed “credit card” as a payment option, added

You would not believe how many people have contacted us asking how to pay designers via credit card. Also we have added MoneyBookers.

We’ve negotiated with the organizers of Web Directions South to save you $55 on your ticket to this fantastic 3 day Web Conference which is held in Sydney between September 23 and 26.

I’ve been to Web Directions South many times – it’s one of the best conferences for web designers, developers, or anyone who makes a living from the Web, not only in Australia but worldwide.

Granted, not everyone can get out to Australia, but if you’re intending to visit this is a great excuse to make your trip a tax deduction.

Big name speakers include:

– Douglas Crockford – JavaScript authrority – Yahoo!
– Jeffrey Veen- user experience expert – Adaptive Path
– Derek Featherstone – accessibility for web apps
– Daniel Burka – interaction design – Digg
– Mark Pesce – web visionary

Topics covered include:
– front and back end design and development
– mobile design and development
– information architecture
– user experience and interaction design
– social media and networks
– Ajax and JavaScript
– semantic web
– marketing and advertising online
– and so much more

Grab your tickets before July 19th using this special code “WDS08-99designs” to save fifty five bucks. Tickets cost $795. Let me know if you’re going to be there and we’ll buy you a drink or two.

It seems the voting for this month’s best design has been quite popular and votes are still pouring in. We have decided to extend voting till the end of the week so that everyone has a chance to view the entries. Voting will close at midnight of the 4th of July and we will be announcing the winner on the morning of the 7th of July.

If you haven’t already, vote now!