Front end ninja wanted!

June 17, 2008

99designs is growing fast.  We are currently hunting down a front-end ninja to swiftly craft slick user interfaces for  If you live for XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript and are passionate about the visual side of web development we want to hear from you.

Salary commensurate with “wow factor”. This job is based out of Melbourne Australia, but we will consider you if you can relocate at a moments notice and your work knocks our socks off…

To apply for this job search for “99designs” on or click here

8 Responses to “Front end ninja wanted!”

  1. Valor Says:

    You know I might just apply for this but the problem is that I can only work for this summer. Are you guys looking for a full time person? It doesn’t really specify.

    On a sidenote, 6 million+ views is very impressive….

  2. Yes, we are in fact after someone full time for this role Valor.

  3. Valor Says:

    Hey Mark, I’m just curious, do you guys also have summer jobs available at sitepoint?

  4. We have done in the past if we think the person can add significant value in a short amount of time. Case in point: we just had a designer over from France (Xavier) for a couple of months. He ended up staying for more like six months because we loved his work. Believe it or not it was his first fulltime job as a designer and he ended up designing the new 99designs site for us. That worked out really well for everyone. I guess it would depend on the person and what immediate needs we have, but it’s a possibility.

  5. Valor Says:

    I think I’m going to apply then. Thanks alot Mark.

  6. Kates Robyn Says:

    Do you accept overseas applicant?
    If so, I have someone interested to apply.

    Thank you.


  7. Matt Says:

    Are you redesigning the layout? I hope so. Something at least easy on the eyes? :o

  8. We just launched this new layout a few months ago Matt. But if it really bothers you please let us know by posting your feedback on our user voice page – To be honest we’ve had nothing but positive comments about the site recently, but we’d love to hear your suggestions for improvement.

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