99designs prize money at all time high!

June 5, 2008

At the time of posting this there’s $70,504 USD in prize money up for grabs. That’s a new record for 99designs. Contests run for 7 days or less, so you could say that on average roughly $10,000 USD of new prize money is being offered every day at 99designs.com  Not too shabby! 

7 Responses to “99designs prize money at all time high!”

  1. Winger Says:

    It’s $70,893 now :D We’re growing!

  2. psygn Says:

    Cool! More opportunities to build up my portfolio and cash :)

  3. CrustyStaple Says:

    Awesome! Now it’s at: $73,633.

    I wonder when we will hit $100,000! :)

  4. Renee Says:

    This is great!
    Are these contest actually being paid to the designers though?

  5. psygn Says:

    Renee, I can only speak for the web design category.

    The contest holders will pay you if you pick the right ones. I’ve taken a risk with a contest where the contest holder was very blunt with the brief and gave hardly any feedback (none if I remember). Of course the contest ended and nothing happened beyond that point. I tried it because I saw another contest where the same thing occurred, only there was a winner.

    Just try to pick one that has an established track record of held contests by clicking on the profile. Other good bets are ones for serious business sites.

    So far I’ve been paid for my winning designs for all but one. Just keep an eye out and try entering early. Not too early or else your ideas may be stolen.

  6. Judy Weitz Says:

    This is great! 99designs seems to be growing more and more, and this is evidence of even better things to come. Cool.

  7. Phill Says:

    I think this site a pretty good idea, client wise. They are getting a large variety of concept choices from many different designers without much commitment on their behalf.

    However, the prices are a little bit like false ecconomy. $150-300 for a logo concepts, final vectors etc. $500-$1500 for a website, sometimes including code.

    I don’t know about the rest of the world, but I wouldnt bother for that sort of money. My freelanced based sites go for around $5,000 for a 5/6 page XHTML/CSS job.

    How can people afford to spend hours designing a $150 logo.

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