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May 30, 2008

We are having a site outage due to a strange software bug. We are investigating the issue at present, one of the symptoms is emails being repeatedly sent in some cases. Thanks for your patience guys and we are extremely sorry for the inconvenience.

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  1. This is actually the same issue that has caused a number of recent issues. We should have it fixed and things should return to normal shortly.

  2. Lance Fisher Says:

    The site is noticeably faster now. Maybe it’s because less people are on, but thanks for getting it back up.

  3. I can attest to the fact that there certainly aren’t less people :)

  4. sean Says:

    this site has been very glitchy lately

  5. Thanks for your feedback Sean.

  6. Brodaigh Says:

    Have not received activation email.
    Maybe your contact form is not working either?
    Have drawn logo for competition and would like to enter it before it closes, thanks.

  7. Paul Annesley Says:

    Hi Brodaigh,

    We put the emails on hold to prevent any further duplicates – it’s under control now, and I’ve just released the queued up emails.

    There’s a small chance that a few emails sent about 6 hours ago wont make it through, but the bulk of them should have reached inboxes by now.

    Thanks for your patience, everyone.

  8. BombardierBob Says:

    The Site is still acting glitchy from the posting of designs that never appear to the endless image loading
    of entries on a page to the multiple email copies received. I look forward to seeing it fixed soon.


  9. Any examples you can point us to Bob? URLs help.

    It’s possible you got a few duplicate emails that were already in transit when we fixed the problem.

  10. Brodaigh Says:

    Got’m now. Thanks!

  11. Paul Annesley Says:

    Hi Bob,

    These problems should be fixed…
    Can you post a link to a a page which is giving you trouble? E.g. with endless image loading.


  12. Joe Says:

    I don’t know what the deal is with everybody getting all these duplicate emails. It took two days just to get ONE and that was my member confirmation email…don’t those usually come in seconds?lol Anyway, sweet site. I look forward to spending some time here.

  13. BombardierBob Says:

    Ok thank you 99designs for blowing up my mail box today I received 1,212 emails this morning here. Wow I think it was pretty much an over kill glitch or something.


  14. Nadia P Says:

    Problem with message count… once messages are viewed, the count at the very top of the page will clear the number read, but the message count near the ‘credits’ does not clear.

    Also not sure whether all emails are coming through. A couple of PMs showed up in my list, but no email notification ??

  15. Nadia P Says:

    Disregard above – seems to have fixed itself.. without having to logout or back in again…

  16. psygn Says:

    Are we having another site outage? The site seems very slow and unresponsive for the past 10-15 min.

  17. psygn Says:

    Issue seems to have resolved now.

  18. Joe Says:

    I think it’s time for a new post?

  19. Josh M Says:

    Yeah website appears to be down again.

  20. aww man. site is down. and explanation would be cool:)

  21. Nadia P Says:

    Not sure where to keep posting possible bugs :-)

    Today received for the first time 2 *winner* notification emails. Usually (very sporadically) I would receive an email if I were the winner.

    This was a real suprise and the wording of the email was good too ;-) However, on checking my lists, 2 other contests had declared winner, but no emails were sent.

    Are these emails based on when the contest ended?
    It appears if a contest is weeks old, there is no email being sent even if YOU are the winner or someone else is.

    Clarification would be great thanks.

  22. Hmmm, thanks for the heads up Nadia, will look into it.

  23. Nadia P Says:

    Hey guys,
    there still seems to be a problem with contest win emails coming through if a contest was ended more than a few days ago( ending maybe a week +?)

  24. Nadia P Says:

    Not sure if there’s been a change, but I’m finding that when I set the view in the contest window (viewing allthumbnails), it doesn’t ‘stick’… I have to keep reselecting my preference (view by time submitted).

    Anything happen to cause this? (didn’t happen before)

  25. Nadia P Says:

    If there’s a better place to post these ‘bugs’ to, please let me know :-)

    Still no ‘contest won’ notification emails being received.

    Are they not being sent out at all? Only email notifications coming out seem to the ‘contest ended’ which in my personal opinion don’t mean much and could probably be discontinued, I’d much prefer to have the confirmation of a winner being announced than any other notification.

  26. Hrmm that was weird, my comment got eaten. Anywho I wanted to say that it’s nice to know that someone else also touched on this as I had trouble finding the same information elsewhere. This was the first place that helped me understand this. Thanks.

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