Problem creating contests

May 29, 2008

There was an issue with one of our servers which is causing problems when creating contests. This should not have effected other aspects of the site. We have the problem fixed and are investigating the cause. Thanks for your patience guys.

P.S. First time we have had a bug report via YouTube, the internet is a beautiful thing.

9 Responses to “Problem creating contests”

  1. sean Says:

    this site has been having a lot of hiccups lately.. hope it gets fixed soon..

  2. sean Says:

    This site is soo glitchy, I just had a new message on here but in my email, sent me 28 emails from the same 1 message?? now I’m getting 10-15 of the same emails when a contest ends… please fix asap.

  3. sean Says:

    and now my images wont show up in some of my contests…

  4. gandecruz Says:

    is it just me or anyone experienced this issue : uploaded entries won’t showed up..
    Thank you :)

  5. Jos Says:

    I went away for 3 hours, and when I came back all the logo’s were loading and I could not see many.

    Also my inbox contained 156 emails because I received 3 private messages ? What is going on :S

  6. indigooutline Says:

    Happened to me too… I think the designs are actually up somewhere, just invisible… I was even able to see my writings but than closed the page and lost it…

  7. Michael Says:

    I have only been a member for a few weeks now and LOVE the site, I could not live without it. But have experienced all of the above bugs people have mentioned as well: disappearing and reappearing contest entires, random slow or laggy page loads, random down time. Not trying to nag, but just letting you know. I love the service so much and I think you are totally REVOLUTIONIZING the Industry and how it works! I love you guys! All the best and good luck with the recent down time.

  8. psygn Says:

    Yeah, it’s been really glitchy for me these past few days.

    1) My email was bombarded by a “contest ended” message for the same contest like 25 times today.

    2) My entry failed to show up until the next day (I checked on multiple PC’s and cleared my cache – no go).

    3) Contests that already ended early still show up

    4) Some images decide to load whenever they please (a loading circle stays in its place)

    5) The end time a few days ago was going haywire on me. My computer’s clock was correct, so I didn’t understand what that was about (the GMT end time was correct; the countdown wasn’t).

    These glitches come and go, but it was much noticeable to me these past few days.

  9. Apologies guys, these are all explained by a single issue which we are working hard to track down. Sometimes these things are tough to locate and fix, bear with us, things will shortly be back to normal.

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