Photoshop PDF and win a MacBook

May 14, 2008

We are pleased to announce that we are sponsoring SitePoint’s giveaway of Corrie Haffly’s awesome Photoshop book: The Photoshop Anthology 101. It’s a great book, well worth a read!

The other major news is we are launching our first (of many) giveaways for designers. We are giving away a free MacBook to one designer who submits a winning design before June 20th. Any design that is submitted and selected as a winner before that date is in the running. We will be selecting a shortlist of 50 designs and then you guys will vote for the winning design.

22 Responses to “Photoshop PDF and win a MacBook”

  1. Createabit Says:

    What a wonderful contest. You guys are great. I really, really want a MacBook. :>)

  2. Rodney Says:

    Sounds cool. How about a giveaway for contest holders as well ;)

  3. Rodney, we’re going to be running a give away for contest holders too in the coming months. Stay tuned.

  4. Jane Says:

    Excellent! So where do I go to participate? (checked the contests list, didn’t see it there.) Is it under something else?

  5. Paul Annesley Says:

    Welcome to 99designs, Jane!

    Just start browsing the design contests, pick ones that you have an idea for, and start designing.

    If you win the contest, not only will you receive the prize money on offer, but you’ll go into the running to win the MacBook next month.

    Best of luck!

  6. MJS Says:

    Amazing.. I was just saying to my wife.. how much I dislike using windows.. and woudlnt it be great to jump on a Mac.. and here u r

  7. Neonimage Says:

    :) Thats a really good idea.

  8. sreeramanmg Says:

    So designs will be chosen from several categories like Logo, Stationery, Web design, Ads, T-shirt designs etc. What we will be the basis of comparing a logo design with a T-shirt design or a web design with a print design….I mean doesn’t it sound a bit weird like conducting a beauty contest in which men, women and children and dogs can participate and then you select a winner from among them.

  9. snugbrimm Says:

    good point sreeramanmg, it will be interesting to see how they answer your question

  10. roro Says:

    A very nice touch to 99 designs adding a contest to the contests. I like it a lot and Good Luck to all.

  11. Can a designer have more than 1 entry?

  12. Yes, a designer may have more than one entry in the competition. The best 50 designs as judged by the 99designs team will be chosen and the community will vote from there. Therefore the more contests you enter and win the better your chances.

  13. rayver Says:

    The designs chosen will be from the contest start date to June 20th right? …..not from the start date of when this site got started – otherwise that would be a little out of hand and someone who didn’t know of the contest would be able to win.

  14. yes rayver, the terms an conditions including competition dates can be found here:

  15. snugbrimm Says:

    it looks like i’m not able to remove selected things from my watchlist…

  16. eiji_11 Says:

    what? any design from any contest as long as it looks really good? or maybe you got to win a contest first? hhhmmm… either way, it looks fun.

    I just won a contest that was ended a month ago, is that counted? i don’t know if that looks good though. XD

    good luck folks.

  17. Avinash Says:

    A macbook .. that’s what i want !!!!!!!!! awesome .. the designing parade starts!! !!! !!!! !!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!

  18. blodwen Says:

    ok, I put two posts up here from work in the feedback section and they along with the one above it have gone!

    I still have no way of seeing my feedback, come guys, give us a hint! lol

  19. SmaryCZ Says:

    I’ve already found a post about that book on some other board. And now I’d like to enter a contest to win a macbook. It’s really cool and I’d like to get it. :)

  20. BombardierBob Says:

    Uhmmm a bit of concern here, I seen how community votes work on other sites where public has the final say but in many cases they can be manipulated on the bases of who has the most friends and who can spam up the votes with multiple accounts. What will stop that here? Or when saying community vote it is staff vote? Also are mentors or staff allowed to participate in this cause this could be taken wrong?


  21. There will be one vote per registered user. I don’t imagine it will be much of a problem, we will have the usual measures in place to prevent cheating.

  22. SilverLeafArtist Says:

    Good question Bob and concerns. The contest sounds great but sadly this will be turned into a popularity contest and not design merit one as contests like these often turn out this way. Good example is’s photo contest. The winners were based on one vote and it was a mess cause people were signing up to vote and it was manipulated. Just look at the contests on here where people try to promote their friends designs in the discussion area. I know I wont win on this but think it should be a staff vote to keep it more legit and regulate it that staff can’t enter as a contestant. This is just my opinion nothing personal.

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