Recently Winning Designers

April 24, 2008

As a way of promoting our winning designers (of whom we are very proud), we have added a section on the Find Contests page listing designers who have recently won a contest. Check it out at tell us what you think!

13 Responses to “Recently Winning Designers”

  1. skut Says:

    yea i just see it, and my name never gonna be there :D

    great job :)

  2. Mrbaseball34 Says:

    I think that is cool, kind of like the grid of
    favicons on LogoPond…

    Say, there are still too many contests that are not
    being taken out of the lists when they have already
    been won. Looks like the query is not checking to see
    if they have been won, just if they have not yet

    Also, remember I pointed out these problems with the
    PM system, can’t create new PM’s from Inbox and can’t
    delete any PM’s.

  3. roktiv Says:

    That’s cool idea!
    Also may you should try to make some kind of desgner’s rating: for example take entered contest ammount and devide them to winning entries… This figure and will show real effectiveness of the designer…
    Or something like that

  4. gandecruz Says:

    uuuhh… blush… blush.. blush.. ;)
    thank you guys !

  5. Jordan Says:

    Nice work, i like it, its good to show off the winning designs.

    although ive noticed on contest cats that if there is little contests then the filter, and winning designs is covered by and below the blog entries.

  6. Jordan Says:

    as an example.

    (sorry its in two posts)

  7. ulahts Says:


  8. Eron Says:

    I like it. It announces to all who’s designer previously won.

    Great Job 99designs team!

  9. sean Says:

    nice idea. is there any way to re-iterate to CH’s the importance of leaving feedback.. some stats maybe for contests where the CH has given feedback in relation to entries and vise versa… it would really help out. Thanks.

  10. ella_z Says:

    Yup its a really cool feature and I was there last week, but now I won 2 contests yesterday and today and I’m no longer featured. :(
    Anyways, the latest improvements are awesome, thumbs up. You guys are doing a great job!! :)

  11. indigooutline Says:

    Popular Designs:

    why are always the same people on the home page under ‘popular designs’? Why designs that have more stars and better feedback on particular contest are not displayed but designs from the ‘right people/designers’ with less stars are -their designs even have priority over won designs?

    By the way… I’m observing this for weeks.

  12. Just getting used to this site but in this section on your home page it would be great if the most popular designs (bottom left) would pop up the larger image so we dont have to click to see it.

    Same goes for a lot of other places…minimize my clickSs please!

    This is really a great business idea…mad props!

  13. Makeup DOLL Says:

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