Improved Brief Styles

April 23, 2008

We have just deployed another minor release with some improvements you guys have been asking for:

  • Improved contest brief stylings
  • Less light grey text
  • Private message link in the top right is highlighted when you have messages
  • Increased line spacing across the site
  • Improved some styles around the place

It has come to our attention that there is a problem uploading designs in Opera. We are working on a fix.

Stay tuned for some exciting changes to how contests are run, which will hopefully mean less abandoned contests.

29 Responses to “Improved Brief Styles”

  1. BombardierBob Says:

    Good news to hear.

    Only 1 bug and it comes and goes is on the discussions area the host messages appears to have a purple box around it. Other then that I like the site.

    Suggestion: Add the ability of a contest host to select more then one winner as I won a recent contest as well as another designer. This is just a suggestion.


  2. NothingMan Says:

    Definitely better.

    When typing private messages it seems that one cannot separate paragraphs which can be problem with longer messages…

  3. Bob: Thanks, awarding multiple winners is something we have planned for some time soon

    NothingMan: I can’t reproduce the problem you are talking about, I seem to be able to put multiple paragraphs in private messages just fine. Could you explain a bit more about the problem?

  4. kroz Says:

    yes i like it! looks more organized!

    Wow its so great to know that we’re doing something about CHs who abandoned contests!

    Good work guys!

  5. Nadia P Says:


    Hey guys, I’m pretty sure this isn’t on my end, because I can print from all other programs on my pc, but trying to print out a contest brief causes Firefox to crash. I then tried in IE7, the page printed,however only header and footer printed – the body was empty….

  6. gandecruz Says:

    and another bug.. the number of pm at the top right corner window says (0).. it’s not working..


  7. BombardierBob Says:

    Nadia, your right it is on all across the media board, Firefox, IE6 & IE7 and Safari. They will fix it, must be the coding on the print page or lack of one.


  8. Nadia P Says:

    Thanks Bob. Appears to be working this morning – they must have fixed it :-)

  9. Nadia P Says:

    I’d still prefer the link from ‘our contests’ to go directly to the contest link itself, not to our own entries link :-)

  10. BombardierBob Says:

    I think Nadia has another good and valid point. I know the bases to why it is set up like this to see if you have comments and to see if your designs were eliminated. I like to be able to get to the contest page quicker. But can live with the current set up. ~Bob

  11. gandecruz Says:

    agree with BombardierBob. Current setup is good.. especially with 500 entries submitted, took time to find my entry. But i agree if we could link to the main contest faster. Hahaha.. sorry.. too much request


  12. BombardierBob Says:

    Ok something that can be fixed in time, when a designer wins a contest before time expires it should read Won not the time left till expiration.

    Side Note, wish there was a temp site lock button so my wife wont jump on and compliment other designers and my own work under my screen name….she did that to me tonight and she didn’t know it was my work she said she liked… Sometimes I feel tiny after she does that.

    I know there is a logout button but kids distract me before I can click it.


  13. designabot Says:

    great work guys.
    this site is going from strength to strength.

    Please look at this contest…..looks like another where the CH has paid himself under a new username. Even worse using intrepidguppys concept! this is becoming more common unfortunately.

  14. BombardierBob Says:

    Wow, I think the staff here needs to investigate this one fast as this is another growing trend on here. That is a clear rip of intrepid’s work and a bad rip at that.

    Come on 99Designs put a stop to this crime!


  15. Nadia P Says:

    and similar things have occurred in the web design area…. User signs up within hours of contest end, wins the contest with a very amatuerish design…. bring on the ‘up front payment system’ asap :-)

  16. tnt-tek Says:

    While your fixing the submission issues with Opera, could you make the mouseover previews work as well? Doesn’t even work with Opera 9.5 which has recently become the first browser to score 100 on Acid3.

  17. BombardierBob Says:


    Improve the reporting system! Designers can fax if they have access to a fax machine but who will flip the cost of an international call? As of right now I have a huge issue over a use of a designers design and taking it and making it their own work. I have several designers in one contest doing just that and I know my lawyers in both Prague and in the US will have a field day over this mess. Just wish when you report an issue it gets resolved promptly.


  18. I suspect your lawyers will confirm that a fax is an unfortunate requirement bob. If you are talking about derivative works, then you are on even shakier ground, as I am sure both sets of lawyers will tell you. We need a signed form for an immediate take-down, otherwise the works need to be identical in which case our response time is very good (within 24 hours, excluding weekends).

    We are as concerned as you guys are with designers who copy others and we have plans for an improved dispute system. That said, the current top priority is reducing contest abandonment and taking up front payment from contest holders. Any votes for us changing priorities?

  19. Nadia P Says:

    Still having problems with printing out briefs, FF keeps crashing.

    PS: Please your functionality priorities as originally planned please :-)

  20. Myles Says:

    I hope there will be more clarification for website designs vs/and code in projects as right now it’s really unclear if a client is seeking just a design or the design and code.

    There needs to be something to distinguish from the two sides.

    Great job on the clean UI and functionality of the site so far though :)

  21. Nadia P Says:

    Not really where I should be posting this again :-), but printing briefs from Firefox yet again is not working – crashes FF, in IE7, prints out header/footer, but content section is blank.

    Seems to happen quite frequently, though sporadically….

  22. Nadia P Says:

    The problems seems to occur on very long briefs (over 2 pages)… on a short brief (1 page), FF will print the page, however, anything longer, then it seems to crash… not sure if this helps track down the problem.

  23. Hi Nadia, Any specific examples? I am having trouble reproducing the problem. Which specific Firefox?

  24. Nadia P Says:

    Hey Lachlan,
    This is the latest one I can’t print – just tested it again in case…. FF just freezes, IE7 prints header and footer only.

    This one however, does print – no crashing

  25. Matt Says:

    so…when will you guys redesign the rest of the site…with…you know…a REAL design?

    just askin’…

  26. We’re still waiting on you to send it through Matt :)

  27. Latisha Says:

    Interesting, never thought of it like that

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