Meet Xavier, our site designer

April 11, 2008

SitePoint has published an interview with Xavier, the designer that we worked with for most of the 99designs site.

Check it out, it’s an interesting read.

13 Responses to “Meet Xavier, our site designer”


    great work xzvier.
    with best wishes

  2. bliss Says:

    could you guys please post link to the website of Xavier? I must say 99designs is one of the unique and best designs i’ve seen.


  3. Elijah14 Says:

    well done mate!!


  4. roktiv Says:

    sorry guys for little criticism, but i have some notes about this design:
    1st of all-what is an ugly top left logo presentation???
    It should be on transparent background (png) but not such as cutted off piese of graphical material: it’s unprofessional…
    2nd: blog page design and index has no any common style… if i have not seen logo 99 at the top i hardly will say that they are both represent 99 designs
    3rd: logo, nothing to say:(
    BUT i like coommon site idea!!!

  5. Yes, the blog needs to have a theme done for it. At present it’s just a standard wordpress theme. It’s been rather low down on our priority list, all in good time :)

  6. roktiv Says:

    i know that it’s may be a beta version that needs to be emprooved… also may be there is need to make logo as a link to homepage?

  7. bliss Says:

    I have that link. I am humbly asking the link to the personal website of the xavier, the great designer and his portfolio. Much appreciated

  8. matt Says:

    The design for this site is amateur at best. Bland colors…yuck. The homepage has tons of wasted space. Just stupid.

    Very disappointing. Previous design was much more professional and inviting. This looks more like a mockup designed in 90 seconds.

  9. It’s amazing the spectrum of opinions that we have received on the new design, bland colors is certainly not be one we have received before :)

  10. bliss Says:

    @matt – would love to take a look at your site as well so we could learn how to do things properly :p

  11. roktiv Says:

    Great emproovments Xavier!
    One more note: please make logo alive ( i mean linked to home)

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