Feedback and Image Preview

April 9, 2008

We have just uploaded another release containing emails to let designers know they have new feedback and also the image preview system that we used in the previous design.

Let us know what you think about the image previews, they are particularly useful in the feedback links, as the design links (e.g #34, #124) show a preview of the entry in question.

Additional tweaks and bug fixes:

  • Withdrawn entries are no longer displayed on the Designer pages, this is the first in a series of fixes that will ensure that withdrawn entries aren’t available in any shape or form.
  • Watchlist now has a remove checkbox!
  • A variety of minor bug fixes

85 Responses to “Feedback and Image Preview”

  1. knight Says:

    what a great surprise!
    the site is getting better and better!

    one thing that i would like to suggest is that the links inside a contest open in a new browser window/ tab. it´s pretty anoying when you click a link posted by the ch and you get away from the contest page.

    anyway, you did a great job!
    thanks and congratulations!


  2. woosh Says:

    Nice to see the image previews are back! I’ve got used to the new layout over the past week and am starting to enjoy the change now and with all the little bugs being fixed it’s shaping up nicely. It’s also great to have the feedback emails back as they are a huge timesaver as far as the workload goes, much much easier doing it this way than excess page clicking.

    Is it just me or is the remove button not actually working on the watchlist page?

  3. Na, it’s not just you, I think there’s something wrong. The guys will look at it in the morning.

  4. Nadia P Says:

    Great to see the come back of the ‘lightbox’ effect. The coloured text for won, entered is nice.
    The contest list being above the watched list is so much better, thank you !

    As mentioned, the removal button doesn’t work on the watchlist, but I’m sure will be working sometime tomorrow.

    The site is getting with every new release :-)

  5. Nadia P Says:

    PS: Just saw the lightbox pop up with you mouseover the entry number – way cool !!

  6. kroz Says:

    i don’t know if its just a problem with safari, but I’m having a hard time uploading my designs. I still have to reload the “submit” page a couple of times before an upload can be completed.

  7. Createabit Says:

    I really like the check box to remove contest from the watch list. I also really like the changes to colored text.

    An old bug has popped back up. After I login, it takes me to the main page. I then have to click login again to see my name and other information. I then have to click again to see my contest.

    Great work on all the changes.

  8. PLdesign Says:

    i like all the updates but could the watch list be made longer instead of only displaying two contests at a time? and the remove buttons do not work. Thanks for all the work on the site!

  9. Jacob Says:

    Excellent – the new changes certainly make it easier. I agree with a previous post – if you could pop up the full size version of an entry lightbox-style, that would be great, rather than having to click back and forth all the time.

    I don’t get ANY email notifications of new entries or comments, not sure if this is how it’s meant to be, or I’m just missing out!

    I really like the site, love the concept – and I’m thrilled with my first contest’s response!

  10. jhewit22 Says:

    I have a suggestion- on the “my contests” tab, it lists about 10 contests that I’ve entered, but only 2 that I am watching- I think it should be the other way around. I am more interested in the contests that I am watching than the ones that I’ve entered. The ones that I’m watching are the ones I might win, and I hate to have to go through page after page of only 2 contests at a time to find the one I’m looking for…

    Just a thought – what do you think?

  11. Nadia P Says:

    jhewit22, the majority of us believe that the “my contests” is more important and asked for that list to be top of the pile :-)

    You can check whether a contest is won or ended (it’s even colour coded now), from this list as well. I for one, never use the watch list the way you do, it’s only there to remind me of various contests that I may want to enter or am watching our of curiosity. Each person has their own workflow I guess :-)

  12. Nadia P Says:


    Just read a comment from one of the best contest holders here (Joey):


    Sorry, they have changed the site around and we didn’t know the default is a week.”
    He (and a few others )love to hold 1/2/3 day contests (and get a great response)…. can the default be changed do you think?

  13. Nadia P Says:

    YAY ! First time ever email notification about winning a contest just came through !! Thank you!!

    Now to wait on the feedback emails (not pushing or anything – you guys are doing just great !)

  14. Nadia P Says:

    Just a heads up on a blog link error I just found:
    clicking on the ‘posted in Releases’ link takes you to:

    The link in the right sidebar menu works as expected.

  15. Nadia, the default for contest length is 7 days, however there is a “fast track” option that contest holders can choose to run 1,2 or 3 day contests. It’s an upgrade that costs $10 which can be applied when creating a contest.

  16. Nadia P Says:

    Ah, ok, thanks Mark. Wasn’t aware of the ‘fast track option’.

  17. Paul Annesley Says:

    Looks like the feedback emails weren’t quite there – they should start coming through for new feedback as of now.

  18. Nadia P Says:

    Hey – seems like you guys are doing shift work to get all the bugs/features ironed out for us :-D

  19. We’re a startup, we can’t afford to sleep ;)

  20. Nadia P Says:

    LOL – Welcome to the designers’ world of 99designs :-D

    I’m sure I’m saying on behalf of everyone here, we appreciate all the hard work you guys are putting in get this site as good as it can be !

  21. kroz Says:

    email notification for feedbacks on my entries just came through for me!


    Wow 99designs is fast growing recently! it feels so damn good to be part of it

  22. ulahts Says:

    Going better and better.
    E-mail notifications, if possible, can we read the feedback through e-mail?


  23. snugbrimm Says:

    @nadia p i agree with whoever said they wanted the watchlist on the top. i’ve been reading every single blog post since this new site was introduced and if i remember correctly, you were the only person that said they wanted my contests on top. i could be mistaken bt i think if you went back through all the blog posts you wouldn’t find another one saying they want my contests on top. I think they should both be their own pages so you can choose which one you want to go to. if you really think about it and imagine it, it really wouldn’t cause much problems and would be easier, i think.

  24. snugbrimm Says:

    it was jhewitt, and i agree with him and your statement is false because even if one other person said they wanted entered contests on top of watchlist (which no one else did) it was definitely not the “majority”. the “majority” of people said they wanted watchlist on top. i’m just stating facts.

  25. Nadia P Says:

    If I remember correctly Createabit also liked the contest list on top – but I’m not going through allo the posts to find it :-) This was discussed previously (via feedback at the SitePioint Forum) while the older site was having a makeover at the time – not just this time around :-)

  26. Nadia P Says:

    jhewitt says that they use the ‘watchlist’ to see if they’ve won a contest. However, it’s the contest list that shows whether a contest has been won or ended….
    so you can see at a glance whether to check that contest to see if you are the winner. Makes more sense to me :-)

  27. pegatinas Says:

    My vote is for the contest titles on top.

    Has this been discussed? When I click on my contest title, it takes me to my designs. Does everyone like this? I prefer to go to the actual page with everyone’s design on it.

  28. BombardierBob Says:

    I hope one day they get it right to have a system where the hosts learn to give feedback and not abandon contests and open new ones. Other then that any changes that are helpful are fine with me! ~Bob

  29. Nadia P Says:

    Return of Hide/view comments.

    I’ve just come across a contest where it was ‘spammed’ by a designer declaring that the CH was a deceiver (their words). I don’t have a problem with the designer making mention of the fact that he wasn’t paid for his work, though declared a winner… however, the comments – all seven of them (one in his own language), should be removed – or at least 6 of them :-) One should be left to show that there could be a problem with the CH (personal opinion of course).

    Not sure how this type of thing is being managed right now – I’m guessing admin have the ability to remove the comments.

    I have reported the contest for now.

  30. snugbrimm Says:

    if something isn’t done about abandoned contests soon i don’t know what i’m gonna do but i have about 40 contests in my watchlist where no winner has been chosen for months with absolutely NO explanation or reason or apology for all the time wasted. (i went thru 1 by 1) it’s really incredible how much of my time has been utterly and completely wasted. It sucks bad knowing that any floppy fool can come on here make a contest with prize money of $500. then you as the designer sit and slave over trying to make the very best logo so that you might possibly be able to get that $500. then the contest ends and you don’t hear a word from the contest holder ever again. it must be nice for all these contest abandoners to only have to pay $50 bucks (mandatory fee to hold a contest) for a stellar $500 logo! it is ridiculous and has gotten way out of hand! personally i think you guys should put this at the top of your top priority list as this is just madness and making me want to never enter one of these contests again. and i’m not saying that as a threat to you guys or something, i’m just saying that i love making logos but when you get nothing in reward it is terribly disheartening and i hate the way it feels when you come to that realization three weeks after a contest is over like “yep, it’s abandoned. fantastic…” you know what i’m saying?

  31. snugbrimm Says:

    @nadia p that’s cool everyone has their own ways of doing things and i respect that.

  32. BombardierBob Says:

    I agree with snugbrimm 100% on this about contest being abandoned and zero feedback or comments from the host. You give them star ratings and even they don’t use that and when the contest is over you still don’t have anything set up to say that the contest was abandoned. With all the fancy new site you have you need to figure out how to stop this one action from happening. 10 days to run a contest and what 2 months+ with no winners? I have to many on my list that are the same no winners and no word from the host. Funny this is the second new web pages and still the same issues not resolved. So is there any plans and when will you finally address this one major issue? Time to step up to the plate and do what you said you would several sites changes back.


  33. Createabit Says:

    @Nadia, you are right, I said that I would like to see the contest list on top. My watch list is set up like yours. The contest I have entered are more important than my watch list. I also add contest to my watch list that I am interested in entering. Once I have entered, they come off my watch list.

  34. Nadia P Says:

    Thought it was – your workflow is exactly the same as mine :-)

    Maybe we woman tend to be more organised (no offence meant to anybody – it’s only a joke :-D

  35. Nadia P Says:

    BUG ?:

    Posts are showing up one hour ahead of time (for me at least) – maybe the daylight savings change hasn’t kicked in?

  36. snugbrimm: Sit tight! we are working on the situation! we feel your pain and hate the idea of you guys wasting time as much as you do. Taking prize money up front and ensuring contests aren’t abandoned is our absolute top priority, right after we clear up the current round of minor features on the table. Unlike some of the tweaks we have been working on, taking prize money up front requires some serious development, so give us a couple of weeks before you start panicing. In the meantime, our support team has been instructed to start taking a really hard line on contest abandoners, as you will probably see around the place in comments.

  37. Nadia P: Comment removal is on our todo list, although truthfully I’m not entirely sure what to do about it. I wasn’t a fan of the way contest holders could remove any comments they wanted, but at the same time some comments need to be removed. I suspect a “report this comment” button will be the solution. Any thoughts?

  38. jellevant Says:

    Thanks for getting the image preview working again and all the other fixes. There’s still one annoying bug that I hope you will fix. When you withdraw a design, the designer comments don’t go away. So when I withdrew a design as soon as I posted it because I wanted to tweak it a bit more, my comments about it remained. So, I either have to repeat the same words which sounds dumb, or say ‘refer to previous withdrawn image comments’. Hope this makes sense.

  39. snugbrimm Says:

    great thanks guys! i know that is a huge thing that will take some time to get just right; (that’s why i’m telling you now) so i still have some time before i start panicking :). No, i never panic, but i do hate wasting my time for absolutely a big fat nothing in return, you know. but, like i always say, you guys are doing great and don’t cease to amaze me with your quickness! i’m sure you guys will come up with something great and i’m glad you guys are taking care of the bugs. Keep on doing what you’re doing! and thanks!

  40. Goose Says:

    Just want to say this site is really starting to rock now, love the new format, great job guys!

    I can’t remember now how I came across site point for the first time and discovered the contests section but so glad I did, its fantastic!

    Regards to all, Goose.

  41. Mogeek Says:

    Absolutely wonderful… brilliant job…

  42. BombardierBob Says:

    Lachlan Donald Says:
    April 11, 2008 at 6:21 pm

    Nadia P: Comment removal is on our todo list, although truthfully I’m not entirely sure what to do about it. I wasn’t a fan of the way contest holders could remove any comments they wanted, but at the same time some comments need to be removed. I suspect a “report this comment” button will be the solution. Any thoughts?

    I have a thought on this topic, the report button is a waste of time like the normal report contest as I have reported several contests and no mods ever showed up to clean up the mess ether a host is pulling or a entrant.

    Kinda reminds me of the series “Lost” where all the reports made go in a tube and end up in the middle of nowhere in a field. This is how the report buttons on here seem to work like in my point of perspective and view on this topic. If the Mods or Staff are truly serious on reports made and actually respond within 24-48 hrs of a report then the feature is worth the time to use but right now the response to a report is 1+ weeks or after the contest is over which ever comes first.


  43. gandecruz Says:

    agree with Bob.. and good precise analogy with “LOST” lol :D. i feel that more active moderator on contest thread will much helpful with conflict among contestants..
    and what’s wrong with the sentence ” you’re posting comment to quickly. slow down ” after i click the submit comment?

  44. Bob: Well, the violation reports are all looked at. The queues get cleared in 24-48hrs, excluding weekends. We tend to avoid heavy handed moderation, mostly we respond by removing really out of line stuff and obviously copyright violations. What you don’t see is the users that get warnings or banned after a number of violations. We have recently been taking an especially heavy line on contest holders that don’t provide feedback or run multiple withdrawn contests.

    I do take your point that right now you don’t hear anything back about resolution on the violation reports. We are actually looking at introducing a ticket based system so you can actually see that it has been looked at. Any thoughts on that?

    gandecruz: Not sure what you’re talking about, where did you see that message?

  45. Nadia P Says:

    I have to agree with Lachlan here, the response time on actioning on a reported violation has greatly improved (Thanks Nonie) and I have noticed the comments from Staff to CH that are lagging behind in feedback or have abandoned contests previously. I’m sure we can also understand that the Staff can’t be everywhere, this place is getting really busy lately and it is up to the designers to report any violations they see… what happens behind the scenes we can’t see, but I’m sure that every report is acted upon.

    As for Comment removal:
    I’d probably wish to see the show/hide comments link back again, but as mentioned a lot of useful comments do get hidden, but at least they can be seen if need be,.

    The idea of ‘report this comment’ is a very good one Lachlan, pretty similar to what SP has in place now, where you can report a comment and the mods act on it.

  46. snugbrimm Says:

    ok. here’s a little bug update. when i go to my contests page, while the page is loading (which is only about a second or two) i see a quick flash of the gold, highlighted time for won contests but then when the page is loaded those numbers are not there at all, it’s just a white box. (that’s how i identify if a contest is won or not right now). I really would like it if the same “highlight” feature were added to the watchlist contests too; i don’t see why it shouldn’t you know?

    when i go to a contest’s main page (regardless where from) while the page is loading every entry has five stars but then when the page is fully loaded the real number of stars is then displayed correctly. i would like this to be fixed because you gotta understand, everytime i go to a contest where my entry is near the top of the page my eyes get all big when i see my entry with 5 stars! then all my joy flies right out when the page loads and my stars go back to a more realistic zero.

    sometimes when i try to add a contest to my watchlist, like from the brief page or a page other than the main contest page, it won’t do it the cool, new, really fast way. i’ll have to clickity clack again, but it’s not that big of a deal.

    i would really prefer, when i click on a contest in either my watchlist or contests entered, to go to the contest’s main page instead of straight to my designs.

    i also really liked the red lettering on the times for contests that would be ending in two hours or less. i liked how you could just look at the name of an ended contest and know it was ended cause the lettering was darker and bolder than normal contests. it was just a little more convenient than having to follow the lines from the name to the times, you know?

    The Contest Ended e-mail notifications are starting to bother me. i don’t know if anyone else is with me on this but they seem highly unnecessary. Everytime i check my e-mail and i see that i have like 4 new messages, you get kinda excited you know, “cool, it might be something special!…” and then i see that (eradication of any excitement takes place here) “oh…it’s just four e-mails telling me a contest ended…cool”. it’s like when someone says “hey dude we just went to this once in a lifetime thing that’s never ever going to happen ever again. that just ended, where were you?” you know what i’m saying? I’m not trying to say that it sucks really bad cause you feel like you missed out on a contest or something, it’s just that it’s completely irrelevant to anything; there’s nothing you can do about it now. so why constantly be told things like that. Hopefully, you’re understanding what i’m trying to say; i’m definitely not asking for e-mails notifying us that a contest is ending soon or something like that, cuz i think things related to the ending of contests should just be left up to us to monitor and make sure we get our entries in before the deadline given. (you don’t get e-mails from clients reminding you “hey! your deadline’s coming up soon for your project that you are supposed to take care of on your own! would you like us to come to your house and feed you with a spoon at dinner too?” It just doesn’t work that way) Neither do people say “hey, the deadline for that project you turned in to us earlier is today.”……”cool…thanks for telling me that fred. That’s very interesting. i’m glad you stopped me to say that……” Enough said, i hope you get my point.

    Can’t wait to be able to change the names in my watchlist. that will seriously be a huge huge new feature that i predict no one will complain about (except bugs and things like that).

    that’s all i can think of for now, hope those get fixed soon and you know i’ll give you guys another update if i come across anything else. Keep up the good work but don’t overwork yourselves. kick your feet up on the desk here and there (sometimes it helps :)

  47. snugbrimm Says:

    i’m finally getting the line-spacing thing! aren’t you proud!

  48. gandecruz Says:

    Lachlan Donald Says:
    April 12, 2008 at 2:36 pm

    gandecruz: Not sure what you’re talking about, where did you see that message?

    it’s ok now, i must make sure first that i need to fill in my name in name field before i click the sumbmit button… hahaha.. it’s not so important by the way… :)

    another request : is it bad for your health Lachlan? if i ask something like ……hmmm ” submit design button ” in my contest entries :) ? so i don’t have to go to main contest area to submit my design.. it’s because i tend to click my contest entered now more than contest watchlisted. thank you

  49. Nadia P Says:

    @snugbrimm – you are a riot and seriously made me laugh :-)

    loved this :[quoting]
    “because you gotta understand, everytime i go to a contest where my entry is near the top of the page my eyes get all big when i see my entry with 5 stars! then all my joy flies right out when the page loads and my stars go back to a more realistic zero.”

    I’ve had the exact same reaction I admit when those little critters started popping up like that

    PS: Yes your spacing is much better and your posts much easier to read, thank you :-)

  50. jellevant Says:

    Heads up on Contest Holder feedback: Is there a change in the instructions for CHs so that it’s not clear to them that they can/should leave feedback on the designer’s page? I’ve seen several first time CHs giving multiple designers’ feedback together in the comments section on the main page, and just heard from another new CH in a private message that he didn’t know about leaving feedback.

    And re: the previous posts, Yes, those disappearing red stars are a short-lived instant high!

  51. Nadia P Says:

    Personal Opinion – not sure how others may feel about this:

    6-7 days default for a contest is too long. It just seems to drag out the contest for no apparent reason. I believe this may have been discussed during the last remake of the site.

    1. Allows for too much ‘copycatting’ the longer a contest goes on. (which I’ve noticed in a few recent contests).
    2. May lead to CH abandoning the contest due to the lengthy wait (may not realise that you can close the contest early).

  52. Thanks Nadia. You know contests used to be 30 days long by default a couple of years ago? You could shorten them of course but not many contest holders did – they assume longer is better. I just thought that 7 days is guaranteed to include a weekend and 5 business days. Reducing it to 5 days will effectively take 2 days out of a contest if it runs over a weekend. It doesn’t seem long enough. Savvy contest holders know that shorter is better, but the newbies don’t. Anyway that was my theory behind the 7 day default.

  53. BombardierBob Says:

    Maybe you can have it set that they can chose from 1 – 7
    making 7 days the max. ~Bob

  54. BombardierBob Says:

    I like to take the time to point out that a growing trend is taking place where the Hosts are no longer giving ether star ratings or any feedback what so ever as over half the contest I am watching the hosts are not doing ether but simple elimination.

    So much for you making it easier for the Hosts with the new layout design. I think you need to set some ground rules and enforce them. You might call it heavy handing but why have rules and guidelines in the first place if you don’t use them and let host break them all the time?

  55. Nadia P Says:

    Email notifications appear not to be working – or have they been switched off for now…..

  56. BombardierBob Says:

    I hope the idea of returning the hide messages option to comments as the host should be able to hide messages that have users negative comments and their own filtered out swearing. The swear filter can’t block out what people do when they type swearing starting with the first letter of the word and filling the rest of the word in ^&*( marks. Perhaps the report comment button should be made and soon. ~Bob

  57. Thanks for the feedback Bob, it’s being looked at presently.

  58. So are the emails, thanks Nadia!

  59. indigooutline Says:

    Big Bug?

    Every single entry that I want to open/view from the contest main page, the blank page shows in Firefox or ‘The website cannot display the page’ in IE… in short… can’t see anything but contests main pages.

  60. Mark Says:

    We just discovered that too – we’re on it.

  61. Fixed, thanks guys.

  62. indigooutline Says:

    Thanks… :)

  63. snugbrimm Says:

    yea… I definitely didn’t get an e-mail for winning a contest. had to get on to actually find out. a lot of the time i can check my e-mail from my phone but can’t access so definitely want feedback notifications, you won notifications(this might just be me but i personally think those are highly essential :) and private message emails (i know i said i didn’t want those earlier but i’m retarded) and i would like the text to be in all of them. yeah but definitely bring back the e-mail notifications; i was getting kind of worried when i wasn’t getting any e-mails!:)

    I do like how the contest holders comments in the discussion are more easily differentiated from entrant’s comments, great job on that!

    I’m still not seeing WON; just a blank box; in my contests entered and i would like to see WON in my watchlist too.

    when i click on add to watchlist from a contests brief page, i get directed to another page that says “Are You sure you want to add this to your watchlist?” (Yes. i just pressed the button that says add to my watchlist) i would also like to remove from watchlist as it’s starting to fill up; i almost have as many as my contests entered. and it also won’t feel like your making the most important decision of your life when it asks you if you want to add it to your watchlist :) (start sweating and get all anxious when that question comes up ha:)

    Other than that things are working good. keep up the great work!

  64. jellevant Says:

    Can I once again raise the issue of submission comments not ‘going away’ when submissions are withdrawn. Makes it seem like on the next submission you have to explain the above comment. Maybe it’s just me, but I find it very annoying. Anyone else bothered or am I the only one who changes her mind, pulls and re-submits an entry?

  65. We are looking at the email problem at the minute.

    As for the comment about a submitted entry being removed, I quite like the fact that the comments are a history of what has happened. It makes it nice and clear for the Contest Holder. Perhaps what we need is some text next to withdrawn entry links indicating that the entry is withdrawn.

  66. jellevant Says:

    Thanks. That would be much better. Just the word ‘Withdrawn’ would be sufficient! Here’s the scenario: you write a sentence or three describing your design; you then withdraw it for various reasons and resubmit it with whatever you’ve done to it. Writing the same sentence or three is awkward as it’s still visible above, but doesn’t go with anything. I think it complicates things for the CHs.

  67. Nadia P Says:

    In addition to ‘withdrawn’, a hide/show link would probably be cleaner and the history would still be available for reference. I agree with jellevant, I too, remove entries and resubmit and merely do a copy and paste of the previous comments…. looks like duplication and is messy.

  68. Nadia P Says:

    Bug ?

    Watch list, shows contests as ‘ended’, even though a winner has been declared.. here’s an example: I wasn’t involved in this contest (if this makes a difference), but was watching it:
    I removed about 3 of them a while ago, so it seems to be a problem across the board.

  69. mmentis Says:

    the filter box does not take the $ parameter into account. I click to see contests above $250 and it ignores the value.

    feature request:
    The contest deadline also appearing in the form of specific date (as well as in time left as it does currently). I would like to be able to save and transfer the contest briefs to my work PC (with no net access) and still be able to figure out the deadlines from the html. Thanks

  70. perlico Says:

    Hi Guys

    Brand new website, brand new design….so what you need is a good old promotion like sitepoint has at the moment, to really kickstart the gossip.


  71. Nadia P Says:

    This is still probably in the works, but you need to have some additional information in the help docs for contest holders.

    The following is a typical question I’m receiving from CHs via PM lately.

    “Exuse my ignorance… however I do not know the difference between a coded vs. non coded design. I looked into finding the answer and I was unable to. What are the benefits to a coded webpage that a NON – coded does not have?”

  72. pegatinas Says:

    I think there is some difficulty for the contest holder because we are seeing more Private Message and General comment area feedback.

  73. skut Says:

    Yeah 99designs always getting better :)

  74. BombardierBob Says:

    Current trend is right now with hosts are to no leave feedback or stars, then some do feedback and no stars
    an some do stars and no verbal feedback. Then the newest is they leave feedback in the discussion section of the contest and no individual feedback or stars.

    With the newest trend with the hosts seems like something is not working right on here.

    Another trend that seems to increasing is after a contest no winners are declared for up to several weeks later if even at all. (I know this will be addressed soon)

    Suggestion is we need to have some sort of notification the host left us feedbacks on any given contest.


  75. BombardierBob Says:

    Well now contest holders are abandoning contests to open the very same ones over again. Yet another trend popping up here of where hosts keep posting to phish for ideas and skip out without declaring a winner. Another issue to contend too as it appears. ~Bob

  76. pegatinas Says:

    We had one contest holder state that they just learned how to use the features and didn’t “realize that they could EMAIL feedback”.
    I have not seen the controls for the Contest Holder but it seems as though they are difficult to use. As Bob said, there is also lots of feedback in the general comment section.

  77. Mrbaseball34 Says:

    This contest has already been WON but still shows up in the list. Please fix that.

    Also, I’d rather see a good forum where we can post problems .vs this stupid blog.

  78. Mrbaseball34 Says:

    I also found that there is no way to create a new PM from my PM Inbox. I don’t want to have to look up the member and then click on their profile and then click on new private message to do this. I want to be able to create a new PM and address it from my inbox.


  79. Mrbaseball34 Says:

    Ohh, also, no way to delete the messages from the PM inbox.

  80. Mrbaseball34 Says:

    Ohh, also, no way to delete the messages from the PM inbox.

  81. gandecruz Says:

    excuseee mee.. only want to ask if there is something trouble with opera browser user in here ? because for several late days, i have to using mozilla for uploading image and remove my list. It’s said something about pipeline error. anyone have same problem?

  82. gandecruz Says:
    this contest is in my watchlist.. please read the discussion messages.. this ch is so blatantly !!!!.. (no cursing) arrghh !!

  83. blodwen Says:

    Hi all

    Great site, but is it me? Am I being thick, but I can’t seem to get to my feedback. I have gone to the help pages but found now way of getting to see what other people have written,(although, do I want to?)

    thnks for any help


  84. blodwen Says:

    Plese excuse the typo in last message


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