New Features and Fixes

April 4, 2008

Well, the last blog post certainly was popular. It’s been a busy 24 hours, but I think a productive one. A special thanks to everyone who gave us clear, well thought out feedback, it makes it much easier to implement! The list of changes deployed today:

  • A more muted shade of orange (for those of you that don’t wear sunglasses)
  • Improved images on the front page, contest page and profile page
  • Restructured the “My Contests” page, moved Watched Contests to the top and linked Entered Contests directly to designer pages
  • Improved contest search
  • Rejected entries are shown in contest listings, but greyed out
  • Added a list of categories as links under Find Contests, with a page for each category
  • Added payment methods to Contest Brief
  • Fixed a bug where contest times were displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed a bug where ratings didn’t work
  • Fixed a bug where IE7 users couldn’t leave comments

Things coming soon:

  • Improvements in the My Watchlist, ability to edit the title and remove entries from the list easily
  • Crumbtrails in Contest pages and Designer Pages
  • Improved formatting in the briefs, specifically ones where contest holders pasted from MS Word
  • Much, much more.

That said, it is now the weekend in Australia. Think it might be time for our first full day off since February. Enjoy your weekends!

63 Responses to “New Features and Fixes”

  1. demonhale Says:


    For the record, thanks for the quick action on some of the minor details. I still have some quirks, but I guess your working on it.

    Anyways, I am one of those who received the beta testing mail, My general feedback for progress is good, I am sure with some helpful feedback both from designers and CH, this new site design can work out for the better.

    The general size of the gallery area is a good update today, I hope you can drop down the size of the Header texts for designers name and contests name, the main navigation also.

    Below is what I think should be addressed ASAP:

    – Notification on New Feedback via e-mail
    – My Contest view Notification for “Ended” and “Won”

    – in overview, maybe you can add contest entered for the past month or something, that would greatly help.

    Aside from that, I wish the first two I listed would be put into action.



  2. createabit Says:

    Thank you for all the fixes. But I think I found another bug. when I click on my contest, I get my watched listings, not the contest I have entered.

  3. createabit: Scroll down a bit, they are all on the same page. This is something we are considering.

    demonhale: these items are all on the list (aside from reducing text size, which will happen for the contest title and the designer page title, but not for the navigation, sorry)

  4. demonhale Says:

    Thanks, So far, everything seems to be holding up… Looking forward for the next update…

  5. indigooutline Says:

    I apologize for pasting these entries here (from ) but you still haven’t respond to this issue:

    Nadia P Says:
    April 3, 2008 at 11:12 pm
    ” Hey guys,
    I’m having a problem with the wording of the following statement that needs to be ticked before submitting an entry: ” I own the copyright for the work I am submitting, including any stock images” Yes, I own the copyright to my own work, but most entries would also include watermarked stock images which do not belong to me/CH until they have been purchased.. ?? ”

    indigooutline Says:
    April 4, 2008 at 6:50 am
    ” …I have a couple of issues here… What’s up with this: “I own the copyright for the work I am submitting, INCLUDING ANY STOCK IMAGES” I thought that comp images from various Royalty Free Stock Images providers are ok to use. I think it would be absurd to buy photos before client pick the design. Am I wrong? ”

    snugbrimm Says:
    April 4, 2008 at 3:08 pm
    ” i don’t like having to click on the “I’ve read and agree with the designer guidelines of and I own the copyright for the work I am submitting, including any stock images” boxes every time i submit a design. I guess it’s just a hindrance that can be adapted to but a suggestion would be to have them already checked since those statements are something universally assumed on this site. (except for the stock images part. i think thats unfair and we should not have to buy a stock image if we don’t know if were gonna win). ”

    Please respond. I can’t submit my own custom designs because I use comp images -I can’t work! I’m not gonna buy five or six images for one page just because that check box. You either write here that the use of stock (comp) images are not allowed here on 99designs or fix that statement… or you do the following, as Nadia P wrote:

    ” Maybe an extra checkbox: This entry uses stock imagery that will need to be purchased by the contest holder. ”

    The latest would be the best, I think.

  6. indigooutline Says:

    One more thing… I just found this (I wasn’t aware of the fact that you’ve changed the Designer Guidelines):

    An extract from Designer Guidelines:

    ” Make sure it’s yours.
    Unless you’re completely certain that you own the licence for design material, and you’re able to transfer that licence to the contest holder, stay away from using stock photography or clip art. You might be liable for damages if you do. ”

    As far as I know you can’t transfer your stock photography licence to the contest holder…? I’m not sure about anything anymore.

    Extract from previous version:

    ” Website Template entries may include stock artwork or stock photography provided the license terms permit royalty-free commercial use. If you are unsure about the license terms of the imagery, do not use them in your design. ”

    If I can’t use the stock photography in my web designs and if CH doesn’t provide their own images what else can I do/use? Shoot my own photographs?

  7. Nadia P Says:

    Quoting indigooutline: “As far as I know you can’t transfer your stock photography licence to the contest holder…? I’m not sure about anything anymore.”

    I too don’t believe you can transfer the licence. One copy per user. If you purchased one image to use on a site design, you need to purchase another licence if you wish to use it in another design. (that’s my belief anyway).

    There’s no way that I will be tied into purchasing imagery either during a contest or after. It is up to the CH to purchase the licence.

    I really don’t understand how a designer comments during a contest that they will purchase any royalty free images used in a design. Why? it should be an added cost to the contest holder. Legally,(from what I beleive) if they did purchase, they would have to send the original to the CH and not have a copy on their own pc.

    PS: I will purchase an image for a CH if they don’t have an account at eg: istock, but I will send them the original image when I send over all other files relating to the design.

  8. Nadia P Says:

    Heads up re: email notifications as of very late Friday

    NO email for new entry submissions.
    NO email for feedback
    YES email for end of contest

    NO email for winner being awarded (we never had that previously – wondering whether this will be possible now?)

  9. kroz Says:

    yes.. an email notification for a winner being awarded for a contest we’ve entered would be nice.. very nice.

  10. Beograd Says:

    Hello folks!

    Being more of a coder I kinda like this new layout. Didn’t went trough the whole thing yet but one thing surprised me – there is no “flash design” anymore? I bookmarked it and its still there but I cant see it in the category view… Is that how its suppose to be or I missed something?


  11. We stripped back email notifications to the bare essentials for the launch – there was just way too many different emails being sent out in the old system. We plan to add back only the email you *really* need soon, so thanks for letting us know. Keep in mind Lachlan and Paul are taking a well earned break for a few days. The site launch along with reading all your feedback almost killed them.

  12. Nadia P Says:

    Thanks Mark,
    hopefully the guys really kick back over the weekend and come back nice and refreshed for the start of the new week :-)

  13. Nadia P Says:

    1. Order of personal listings:
    Ok, not sure why the order of the watch list and entered contest lists were changed, but I *much* prefer to have the entered contests first in the listing……. to me, that’s the more important list to be monitoring, the watchlist is a list I add something to if I may* be interested in following. Bit weird to my way of thinking, but maybe others work in a different way :-)

    2. Email notifications: if emails to be ‘off’ for a further while, I believe the feedback emails are the more important ones and should be the one email that gets sent.

  14. indigooutline Says:

    Since I still haven’t got the answer on my questions about the use of stock images… how do you, designers, ‘handle’ that check box (”I own the copyright for the work I am submitting, including any stock images”)? I’ve seen that some of you still use comp stock images in your designs…

    I really don’t know how things work around here… I never get answers on my questions. It seems like answering ‘practice’ is very selective. I would really really like to get an answer because I’m still waiting with my entries/designs and I really don’t won’t to waste my time and money.

  15. Nadia P Says:

    One of the updates was the complete removal of entries that were withdrawn. In the contest area you can’t see them ‘officially’, but they do show up when your own entries are being loaded and then they disappear. (which to me sounds like they are still in the system somewhere).

    If you click on My Contests List, click one of the contests you’ve entered, you are taken to your own designers… however, in this case, I shouldn’t have seen any entries because I’d removed them. Instead, I saw the 3 ‘withdrawn’ entries


  16. indigooutline: We are currently discussing how best to deal with this, stock imagery is a tricky topic as it accounts for the vast majority of copyright violation reports we get. Give us a day or two, we are working on an answer.

    Nadia P: That was intentional, it was really unclear in the old system what had happened to withdrawn entries, we had lots of support requests from contest holders asking what had happened to entries. The new system clearly indicates that they were withdrawn.

  17. indigooutline Says:

    Thanks for answering :) This is good news… I mean… that you’re working on this issue. I agree it’s a tricky topic. I’ve posted questions about this issue on various forums but never got satisfying answer.

    I think it’s not quite clear how templates on contests are defined. I know that stock images are not allowed to be used in templates for resell but here we use stock images for a single client, so that is not a resell.

    In ‘real life’, as far as I know, the procedure goes: first, comps (watermarked stock images) are used in a particular (web, print…) project and after the client confirms the design, the images are bought (by design firm) and integrated into the design -rights for images used in a project can not be transferred to the client, so the client can not use those images for any other purpose (unless he(she) buys images himself).

  18. createabit Says:

    Thank you guys for the updates and fixes. I do have a question. I have looked everywhere on the contest and entries to find “contact the contest holder”. Will this be fixed soon?

    Also, I agree with Nadia P. I would prefer to see contest I have entered before my watch listings.

  19. Mogeek Says:

    I just want my feedback emails :)… that is all…

  20. Ka'i Kau Says:

    Hey guys, I understand the stress you must be going through. I have to say I’m a bit sad in the fact that several contests I was entered in have been abandoned. This happens from time to time, but this time It happened at the same time –when the site changed. I’m just wondering how easy this is for the CH’s since a good amount of them have just disappeared.

  21. janff Says:

    Just a suggestion.
    Is it possible to change the red color of ‘find a contest’ table?
    It is too red and hurts my eyes.
    Your previous design colors were better.

  22. Nadia P Says:


    – that’s weird because a majority of the designers did want the total removal of withdrawn entries and you guys implemented that in the last version due to the number of people requesting this.

    Why would a contest holder be interested in withdrawn entries anyway – I can understand they may want to checkout a rejected (eliminated) entry again until a contest ends, but why withdrawn ones after the closing of the contest?? I don’t see any logical (or legal for that matter) reason for them wanting to do so.

    Again, I would much prefer that if *I* choose to withdrawn an entry it’s for my own reasons, I don’t want them to be seen again… I’ve had a few old designs/design elements being copied if I inadvertantly left them in a contest.

    Therefore, I request that this feature be re-introduced. After all, they are our work and we can do with them what we will ;-)

  23. indigooutline Says:

    I totaly agree that there’s no logic why would one, after he/she withdraw entries, would want to ‘unwithdraw’. It’s irritating but I think it is not a major problem around here. We should be aware that even without this unwithdraw option we are extremely naive if we think that designs submitted and withdrawn are not in the system anymore. They are.

    I’m worried about some other isues here. It seems that nothing goes as it should. We designers are not getting enough attention. It is ok to work on a new look of the site and implement new features but only after the old issues are resolved. It seems that none of the big problems from last year was taken care of.

    Still worried about Stock Photos issue… I’ve read the Content License Agreement on istock… all over again and if I got that right there is no way that you can own the copyright for the image you buy at royalty-free stock provider (not even if you buy it under extended license). Copyrights are always owned by photographer/artist. So, my question is, how can I declare that I own the copyrights for stock images I purchased and used in a design? I simply can’t. And the same goes for fonts and any other material I use. So… the dilemma is: if I don’t own copyrights for images, fonts… I can not use them in designs that I plan to submit to 99designs contests. The question is: what can I/we do about it? The only way I see is to shoot my own images, make my own fonts or any other stuff I need. Am I missing something here?

  24. Beograd Says:

    Hello once again!

    FLASH CONTESTS no longer exists or what?
    I cant see it under categories…


  25. Beograd Says:

    Thanks indigooutline.

  26. Createabit Says:

    Is the message system working? I have sent several messages and haven’t gotten a reply. Also, I’m not getting any emails.

    I appreciate all you’re hard work and hopefully the bugs will all be worked out soon.

  27. Createabit: Private messages seem to be working fine, will investigate.

    Copyright / Stock:

    As for the stock/font issues, I tend to agree with you guys, I think that checkbox needs to be something along the lines of “This entry contains stock imagery or fonts which will need to be licensed by the contest holder”, that way we can make it clear to the contest holder. Obviously I will have to check that out with the legal department :)

    Withdrawn Entries:

    As designers you have the right to do what you want with entries, and we are absolutely trying to support you there. All we were trying to do was make it clear to the contest holder that an entry was withdrawn so they didn’t send us support emails asking where entries went. I think we can accomplish this through some text indicating that entries were withdrawn though.

    Email Notifications:

    The previous system was sending way, way too many emails. The new system is working on the theory that sending users emails to tell them what they just did is silly. However, we are still missing a few important emails that we overlooked. We will be adding “You have feedback” emails asap.

    At any rate, this list is clearly not an exhaustive list of the things on our slate, just the things mentioned in recent posts.

    One last thing, indigooutline, as far as designers not getting enough attention, let me say this. We are all about making you guys happy and making 99designs a community of designers, by designers (even at the risk of our own health). Have a read of this older blog post, We are working on a three step plan here, the new design was step 2. As soon as we have the new design stabilized we will launching the next phase, which is where we collect prize money up front, reducing abandonment and deal with paying you guys the prize money.

    The way we tend to work is to get you guys fairly involved in the development process, as the past couple of days has shown. This means we get features to you guys _fast_, and you end up with a site that does what you want.

    The down side of this is the occasional bug and the process of evolution that we go through after a launch (clearly Bob doesn’t dig this). The alternative is that we go through lengthy beta testing phases and then present you guys with a finished product that is very stable, but possibly completely misses the point. I know which I prefer in terms of the feedback we get from you guys :)

  28. Nadia P Says:

    Hey Lachlan,

    all I can say is thank you, thank you, and thank you !!

    PS: to createabits’ post about PMs, have been receiving and sending them, (nothing today – but don’t appear to have had any probs before now).

  29. Createabit Says:

    Hi Lachlan,

    I am receiving emails now. May have been something on my end.

    Like Nadia P says,

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! :)

    P.S. Thank you Nadia about the PMs.

  30. Darren G Says:

    Hi, is it possible to somehow colour code the contests entered under ‘My Contests’ to show their status (Green for live, Amber for Ended and Red for Won etc)?

    Would be a nice addition if poss?

    Kind Regards

  31. mmentis Says:

    I still think that everything (the UI) looks a lot bigger than it should have. I would like the page elements (fonts/containers) to be more compact. (besides they take up too much space, they also look a bit cartooney being as big as they are now).

    Hope to see the remaining problems get solved soon.


  32. BombardierBob Says:

    I think you need to re-add the rule of no naming contest and actually enforcing the rules as just before your new site change there was a naming contest that after several days the contest was withdrawn but that contest should never happened in the first place. Looking at the new and well say lax version of the old rules think you need to add this back and also revamp it to show a more professional one and not one that a teen wrote in his sleep. Food for thought and suggestions that need to be addressed. Hopefully your staff will also handle the reporting more and quicker then 5 days later after the fact or report.


  33. snugbrimm Says:

    That’s honestly fantastic you guys are coming up with a way to reduce abandoned contests. all i can say is you guys are doing great! things are lookin better and functioning much better! pm’s functioning fine for me; can’t wait for feedback notifications; i personally like the watchlist above entered contests alot more and being able to change the names and stuff will be amazing, definitely can’t wait for that! still would like to see the rollover the thumbnail thing with the option to turn it off or not. really liked my shortlist on 1 page without having to clickity clack clickity clack all the way to the last page just to get to the contest im looking for. can’t wait to see the different shading on things representing their status (won, ended, abandoned) Other than that, you guys are doing great and we all appreciate it. thanks for taking care of the vital issues

  34. Carbon-Design Says:

    One thing that I see is that in the My Contests menu, all of the contests that are over say “Ended.” It helped me out a lot when they said “Won” or “Ended”, if you were waiting on a Contest Holder to pick a winner.

  35. Paul Annesley Says:

    Carbon-Design: that sounds like a bug which will be promptly squashed.

  36. Sabu Says:

    The new site is coming together really well, I must admit it has had to grow on me but that’s just me. Well done to everyone involved.

    Anyway, I know you mention above that a bug was fixed regarding times but I’m not sure if it is fully fixed yet. I noticed one of my contests last night said it had 1 day 7 hours left but now it’s saying 2 days 10 hours. I’ve noticed this happening on a few contests, 1 was even showing that it had ended when it was still accepting entires! Are now displaying the correct time? Or not?


  37. Chunli Says:

    Seriously can you bring back the shortlist? how are we supposed to save projects we like???

  38. RonnieFizz Says:

    This is very amazing. all the changes that are made to this child of sitepoint.
    I really cannot complain much about nothing because i am sure that you guys are on the clock on this project. but one thing i outter say and i am not sure if my say really count.
    Its about the website contest i read in an article not long ago that you guys were thinking about having designers bid on jobs and i totally think that is the worst idea ever because only people in the mid-east would be getting jobs because US dollar Euro and Canadian dollar are crazy over there. as oppose to if all are like the logo designs everyone gets the same target .

    Hope i made sense,

  39. Chunli: It’s now called a “watchlist”, in your My Contests page.

  40. Nadia P Says:

    Guys – any idea when the Feedback emails will be making a comeback – it’s totally frustrating to keep checking to find whether there’s been any feedback on an entry ??
    (esp. cause there are so many more hoops we have to go through), so much so that due to time constraints, I’ve actually given up checking – if I miss out on something, so be it :-(

  41. gandecruz Says:

    hi all… after a few days… i love this new site.. everything is fast and easy. maybe in the beginning it’s a bit awkward, but now it’s very efficient too with the contest entries, no need to jump page after page.. again : thank you for your efforts 99designs team. :D
    ohh, btw about the watchlist, i must say adding “remove” button is very usefull, so i don’t need to click on the contest and remove from my watchlist over and over again. if the remove button is take too much space to compensate, maybe with the checklist button will do. just a suggestion. :)

  42. We are just about to make a new release with these things fixed gandecruz, should be within the hour.

  43. ulahts Says:

    Really great look, i am glad changes were made in to the positive way.
    What happened with the “stock” imagery rule?
    We need to see the contets status as Won for the ones already awrded and ended for the ones obviously not awarded.
    Other than that, it looks perfect and i cannot wait the final release! :)

  44. ulahts Says:

    Oh, and is there anyway a search through “my contests” page could be implemented since ctrl+F won’t help me anymore in 97 pages of contests :(


  45. Elijah14 Says:

    lightbox is now working, cool! great work guys! im loving this site!

    by the way, why 30 thumbnails per page only? does it slow down if it were 50 or 100 even?

    it’s really cool to see contest are won already, but why I see 2 contest only in my watch list?

    Can’t wait for the feedback notifications, it does good you know :)


  46. indigooutline Says:

    This is great. Thanks for all the fixes! Especially for removing ‘I own Stock Photos’ check box.

    Hey Lachlan, thanks for answer. I’m aware that you all work very hard and I surelly wouldn’t want you to risk your health. I know quite well how hard can it be; I permanently ruined my healt last year working all days and nights on designs for contests…

    By the way… any news from the legal department about the use of Stock Photography in the contests?

  47. BombardierBob Says:

    Went to check My Contest page and noticed that the contests I am watching are broken down to 2 lines per page. What is up with this? This is now a pain to go through a ton of pages to look for the contest I am watching. Please fix this! ~Bob

  48. snugbrimm Says:

    You guys are doing great! I love the thumbnails still want the option to turn it off though. My watchlist only has two contests per page :( . would love to see a search for contests like ulahts said. My contests entered only has 10 entries per page. if anything, please add a way to select a page number or something, or go to last page from the first page, you know what i’m saying? I noticed that in my contests entered page some contests’ times are “highlighted” in gold when they have 1 day and 9 hours left, however, contests with 1 day and 8 hours aren’t highlighted in any “special” way and contests with 1 day and 10 hours left aren’t either. I’m assuming that’s a bug. the remove selected button under my watchlist covers up the “next page” and “previous page” links. being able to change the names will be a fantastic, great, extremely user-friendly feature! feedback e-mails are a neccessity. In my humble opinion, if you guys are trying to narrow e-mails down to only the most-important, the private message e-mails are not an essential feature. I think if you could just put a BIG (1) next to the private message thing when you’re on 99designs, we should be able to take care of our private messages well, but the number has to be big and catch the users eye or else private messages will always be forgotten. Thanks! you guys are doing a great job! We are all grateful for sure!

  49. ulahts Says:

    One more thing.
    If i am submitting first a design and then add the contest to my watchlist it will remain in my watchlist and not clasiffied as “Contest entered”.I assume that if i have entered it should be rightaway marked in the Contests Entered category.

    Also, really good ideea that only the ended contest should me highlighted or marked as ended and the ones already awarded kept blank, so that makes my previous comment useless :)

    Keep up the great work fellows.

  50. ulahts Says:

    That box with “i own the stock image” should be kept. Nobody should pass stockphoto or stock images as a logo or artwork for sale, since it will be sold again. Especially in the logo category. A logo’s characteristic and main purpose is to be unique. Nobody should sell here stock icons and claim that it’s original, more nobody should compete against so many great designers and win with a stock icon.
    Stock imagery should be completely forbidden in my opinion, i could buy thousands of items and sell them here. What would everybody else think about that. And believe me, with my skills in selling an old item i could sell them all :D


  51. snugbrimm Says:

    You guys really are doing great! love the new thumbnails, still would like the choice to turn it off or on. Feedback e-mails are a neccessity, and if you guys are trying to narrow down the e-mail notifications to only the most important, then, in my humble opinion, i think the private message notifications can be sacrificed. I think we all would be able to manage our private messages just as well if there was a BIG (1) next to messages on the top if you have an unread private message. The number would have to be bigger than the text for messages and possibly in the purple you guys have on the site now so that it will catch peoples eye when they have a message, without taking up TOO much space or distracting from the website. that way pm’s wont be forgotten. My watchlist also only has two contests per page. would love to see a search thing for contests and at least make it so i can go to the last page from the first page. Hate having to clickity clack clickity clack clickity clack clickity clack clickity clack…i hope you get the picture; that literally is how it is. on my contests entered i noticed on contests time was highlighted in gold when it had 1 hour and 9 minutes, but 1 hour and 10/8 minutes had no special color, i’m assuming it’s a bug so just a heads up. can’t wait to change the names in my watchlist, that will be a HUGE help. other than that you guys are doing amazing and we are all very grateful!

  52. Elijah14 Says:

    feedback notification now works!! Great works guys!

    still, the watched list should fix for two contest per page, lots of click it is. more on the list will be great!

    and can the thumbnails be more than 30 per page?

    and can a master checkbox be placed in the watched list, so we can deselect contest we want to keep, you know what i mean.

    Really great work guys, we appreciate it all!


  53. Nadia P Says:

    Increasing the size of the comment input box on the submit entry page.

    May be these tired old eyes, but I’m finding the current box size rather constricting and not liking the hor/vert scrolling that needs to be done to see all the comment when typing. find it leads to lots of spelling errors :-)

    There appears to be a lot of available space for height and width increase to the box… even this comment box that I’m typing in now is bigger than what’s available in the contest area.

    Possible ??

  54. Nadia, do you mean on the submit entry screen or the contest / designer pages? or both? :)

  55. Nadia P Says:

    The submit entry screen is the worst, it’s so itsy bitsy tiny :-)

    The contest/designer comment box is nice and wide, but could do with some height….

    So if there is only one choice, I’d opt for the submit entry screen page please :)

  56. BombardierBob Says:

    I hope you fix the My Contests Page Contests Watched section to show more then 2 contests per page as it is right now. This is very annoying to say the least and a bit driving me crazy trying to look for a contest that I placed on watch to enter later on. I look forward to that being fixed as soon as you can!


  57. liamsquire Says:

    Hey 99designs, I was thinking of a modification that may be useful.

    We could add logo variation entries to our submissions. So for example, if I submit one logo (#1) when previewing it, there could be a few ‘sub’ logos, i.e. 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 etc. This would make it easier for the contest holder to identify the logo he/she likes without clogging up the entry sheet with minor modifications to logos.

  58. indigooutline Says:

    I think the situation on 99design is alarming right now. I was just checking the web design contests section:
    -a lot of design contests are obviously for coding sites;
    -there’s at least a few contestants who are still participating although we all know that they were submitting templatest from in previous contests. Some of them have being reported. One even won a contest way after that.
    -there’s (at least) one new ‘designer’ who is submitting templates from TM -he is a member since… yesterday… and currently involved in 6 contests… !?
    -there’s at least one CH who has very bad reputation.

    This is extremely distressing for those who are working hard. I think many talented and hard working designers that I was ‘working side by side’ last year are gone because of these same reasons mentioned above. By the way, before September, October 2007 I can’t remember anyone submitting TM template and I think reputation was quite high. Now…

    Solution: the same procedure as iStock have; if you want to be a contributing member you first have to go through a certain procedure.

  59. ulahts Says:

    Please leave the feedback submited into the e-mail, so i can read it from there, i cannot always connect to the internet but it’s easier to read it through e-mails.

  60. snugbrimm Says:

    definitely agree with ulahts; the feedback being in the e-mail is very essential. LOVE the new “last” link under contests. LOVE that i don’t only have two contests per page anymore. LOVE that i don’t have to go back and forth pages when i add to my watchlist, I LOVE THAT. can’t wait to be able to change the names in my watchlist. super happy with how you guys put a master checkbox in my watchlist; definitely handy! can we remove our comments from the main contest discussion? if there is some way then it’d be nice if you just put it back to how easy it was before. You guys are amazing! keep up the AWESOME work!

  61. SilverLeafArtist Says:

    Need to fix it so Safari Users don’t double post as there is an issue of that happening to me on here. I hope to see that fix as well as the My Contest Page Watchlist.

  62. snugbrimm Says:

    i withdrew an entry from a contest but my description for that entry remains, i would like for the description to be withdrawn also when i withdraw an entry. it just looks kind of funny when i have one, all blue logo and then under it, it says “what do you think of the green coloring i used on this one…” you know what i’m sayin?

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