New Site Soon!

April 2, 2008

We are launching the new site within the next 24 hours, don’t be alarmed if you log in and the site looks brighter than it used to :)

Update #1: The site will be down for approx. 1 hour, from 12pm melbourne time.

Update #2: The migration was pushed back a little – we’ll be back on the air by 3pm Melbourne time.

39 Responses to “New Site Soon!”

  1. blnk Says:

    april fools?

  2. It’s April 2nd for us, that would hardly be fair :)

  3. Wow, if this isnt an April fools joke than I am stoked! Cant wait to see the new site!!!!

  4. Mark Says:

    For a sneak peak try

    The guys will kill me for letting this out, they’re still working on it.

    Too late. Posted.

  5. Manisha Says:

    Wow! The new site looks amazing, esp. the popular designs section. Now it really looks like a designers’ site :)

  6. Createabit Says:

    Looking good. You guys have been busy! :) One thing, on the design contest list, there are still contest on the list that are closed or won. A couple from back in January. Other than that, keep up the great work.

  7. Paul Annesley Says:

    Thanks for the positive feedback guys! We’ve certainly put a huge effort into getting this done over the last couple of months.

    Createabit: as Mark said, we’re going to kill him for letting it out :) The beta site isn’t 100% operational, so you’ll see things like contests that are still open well past their end date.

  8. Createabit Says:

    Thanks for keeping us updated. The new site really does look great. You guys have done some amazing work.

    Where should we send our condolences for Mark? :)

  9. Dawson Says:

    It looks nice , but it seems you are unable to see contest creator (holder) and i think that’s pretty important (maybe i missed it ) :)

  10. Createabit Says:

    Hi Dawson,
    The contest holder’s name is under the contest title. It is in light gray, so easy to miss. If I wasn’t looking for it, I would have missed it too. :)

  11. Dawson Says:

    Thanks Sheree!
    I can see it when you click on specific contest,but i still can’t find it in main contest area if you know what i mean :)

  12. demonhale Says:

    A couple suggestion, make the CH name more prominent, add a sort of user online indicator, I would love to see who is online… Other than that the design looks awesome, answered the survey and now I have to get accustomed to my new reflex clicking arrangements… whew!

    Congrats 99designs former Sitepoint Contests…

  13. damjan dddesign Says:

    really love new look of the site

  14. Adam Says:

    Looks great.

    A little flaw, though:

    If a username is very long, it overlaps in the comments area. prime example.

    Other than that, fantastic.

  15. blnk Says:

    found a bug in the beta site, or hopefully its not a bug

    when you go to find contest, in the category filter select box, you guys still have old category options such as coded websites and flash

  16. blnk Says:

    also, is there a way to see which entries have already gotten feedback?

  17. skut Says:

    Nice :D
    april fools ? :P

  18. kepitink Says:

    I was trying to find ‘my contest’ feature in beta version but couldn’t found it. Is there any way to check the winner declaration to the contest that already closed? thanks..the new site is very clean n user friendly :)

  19. Jared Says:

    Are you guys going to add a day to existing contests then?

  20. Jared Says:

    Also in the beta a lot of entries and private messages are gone, will everything be like normal and as far as entries and private messages their wont be any data loss correct?

  21. Any ideas on when the Site Maintenance will be over. I believe it now about 2:30pm in Melbourne. Maybe im

  22. Nadia P Says:

    @Josh: You’re not wrong – it’s just after 2.30 here now :-)

    Better to wait a bit than have too many possible bugs popping up :-)

    @jared: The beta data is behind by a few days I’d say, so once the site goes live, all information should be completely up to date.

  23. Paul Annesley Says:

    Not long now :)

  24. Shannon Says:

    Hmm, checking out the beta I like the old style. I guess I’ll get used to it, but everything seems really big and things aren’t as eye catching as they used to be.

  25. LAUNCHED!!! Congrats guys!!

  26. Mark Says:

    We’re not far away from launching. Always double anything a developer tells you ;)

  27. grafixsphere Says:

    my only concern is: CH declaring a winner at the end of the contest and PAYING him as well. I hope this gets resolved.
    thanks….you’ve done a great job!

  28. pobesnelimaks Says:

    I liked old one much more.
    Pretty disappointed :(

  29. kroz Says:

    my biggest problem is that I don’t see the CH’s name on the Contest List. This is very important to me since the first thing I check out is the CH’s history. If the CH hasn’t awarded any prize in the past, I don’t even bother entering the Contest’s page. Now I still have to enter the page to see the CH’s name.

    Looks good though. Maybe I’ll just get used to it. Congrats guys.

  30. BombardierBob Says:

    Well not sure about the new layout as I don’t see my shortlist as well as where the contest categories are like the older version. This is a bit confusing right now to look at site wise. Also the new set up you make the entries that are removed gone, well those had feedback on them for changes and how are we to know now what they were when you delete them? Right now I will hold my vote if this worth the change or not.


  31. BombardierBob Says:

    I hope you had to the top the shortlist button or watch list as you renamed it.

  32. BombardierBob Says:

    Sorry meant to say I hope you add the watchlist to the top of the page cause making us jump through hoops to look at contests we are following or in is truly insane and this will not help this site out. Right now I have to say this is not user friendly enough and chances are not host friendly ether. ~Bob

  33. Vignesh Says:

    hi guys why dont you provide illustrations works through your website , please try to bring works like that , some vector works to do…

    i am waiting for your reply

  34. kroz Says:

    why don’t you see the eliminated designs anymore? We wouldn’t see the feedback and know where we went wrong with the design.

  35. Thamburan Says:

    Very simple design.i like it. very cool.

    but one question
    why you remove search box?

  36. terewa Says:

    I wonder how the site will work;) Hope to see it working efficiently. Well they wouldn’t change it if it would not be a better option. Let ‘s just w8 ’till they finalized everything;)

  37. ulahts Says:

    Hello fellows,
    It is looking gorgeous.
    I will look into functionality, but until then all i could see – in a short preview – looks like when i click on the contest holders nickname from my contests it leads to my profile and not CH’s.

    Other than that i am already used to it. :)


  38. Roa Says:

    I think you guys did a good job, however I’m not quiet sure about the main menu bar i think the rollover could be clearer and other thing is the red color on the buttons and title looks too bright.

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