99designs Launched

February 12, 2008

99designs cake

The first stage of 99designs has been launched! This stage is just the first step of re-branding our site, you will notice that the user pages (like your profile and account management) are new, along with the credit purchase process. The really cool stuff happens over the next month or so as we build the new design.

A few things to note:

  • You can login with either your old forum username or your email address.
  • More detailed public profiles, last login date, country, etc
  • You can view a detailed history of credit purchases, including how you have spent credits and credits awaiting fulfillment via the “account” tab in the top right of your screen, and then the “credit history” button on the left.
  • You can update your profile, including bio, avatars etc via the account screen.
  • Private messages are sent via email for the moment, expect this to change soon!

Finally, welcome and thanks to our first customer as 99designs, maximus who launched a contest for a logo.

Credit for the photo goes to Nonie.

35 Responses to “99designs Launched”

  1. Nadia Says:

    That cake look lovely Nonie – pity we can’t all share a piece :-)

    This is looking really great guys – can’t wait for future enhancements !

  2. Nadia P Says:

    Love the new profile page!

    One thing I’d like to see is the ‘country field’ be ‘required’ instead of optional. If possible, an IP address would be great – may help curb the abandoned contests if people know that they are being tracked… (just a suggestion which may already be on your ‘features’ list. :-)

    Love the new blog looks a well :-)

  3. gandecruz Says:

    hi.. congrats for the first launch on 99designs.. hope it’s going better and better for many years ahead.. :) and by the way has the new system been implemented?..
    great jobs you guys … :D

  4. GNULancer Says:

    Well, nice new look. Hope you’ll leave the contest entries’ layout and functions though.

    >One thing I’d like to see is the ‘country field’ be
    >‘required’ instead of optional. If possible, an IP address
    >would be great

    Publish an IP address, eh? That’s a severe violation of one’s privacy and anonymity, since it allows for very precise geographical tracking. It’s a drawback.

  5. liam_uk7 Says:

    A huge step in the right direction. Good work on the site (& cake.)

    My suggestion: You make another cake and run a copetition to win it. Yeah sure winning competitions for money is great, but I think what this industry really needs is more cake.

  6. Ariestoteles Says:

    It’s what we’re waiting for…
    Kudos to all SP team… God Bless You all.

  7. Spanky Says:

    yaba daba doo :D

    great job!

  8. Bravo, gang. Nice to see you moving forward quickly.

    Please, please bring back the PM functions. I actually rely on saved messages to keep track of designers and saved correspondence.

    thank you!

  9. Cecilia Says:

    I want cake!

    I’m not sure I want my IP address recorded/displayed, but I agree there needs to be something.

    Nice work guys, hope to see what you bring us next

  10. Prefers to be Anonymous Says:

    Awesome. I can’t wait for more updates :)
    I personally have never found IPs to be reliable. They change too frequently, and if someone is IP banned and their IP changes, there’s the possibility that another person, who has done nothing wrong, can end up with the banned IP.

  11. BombardierBob Says:

    Well one thing is where is the private messages? If you win how are we to know about it? Need the link to the Private messages!

  12. BombardierBob Says:

    Sorry now I see I get my PM in my already full email account. I rather have the PMs on here then my email as now I have one more thing to worry about when I delete my spam folder. Please put back the PM system!

  13. Hi Bob, was waiting to see what you would think :) From the blog post “Private messages are sent via email for the moment, expect this to change soon!”

  14. BombardierBob Says:

    Other then the PM I think the system is moving forward nicely. I can’t wait to see the final site as that will be great. Keep at it!


  15. ulahts Says:

    Can someone take a look over here:
    The CH says he cannot log in anymore….

  16. angrypuppy Says:

    Site is working good. It did freak me out as i was on site when the change happened. But as for the IP thing. If they are smart they could have an Ip scrambler. Wouldnt they get through, still?

  17. paulannesley Says:

    Thanks ulahts – I’ve contacted the CH.

  18. RetroMetro/Steve Says:

    Looking good so far guys (except the PM issue;)). Thanks a bunch…

  19. kroz Says:

    could it be possible that other CHs are also experiencing problems on logging in? because since the switch, all the contests i’ve entered have not received any feedbacks. just a thought.

  20. ulahts Says:

    It seems that submissions cannot be made in this moment…is something developing behind?

  21. gandecruz Says:

    i cannot submit either..

  22. Rambler001 Says:

    i have won a contest but didn’t recieve any PM. knowing the experience of the contest holder i know for sure that he did sent one.

    where can we see our private messages btw?

  23. Nik Says:

    Must be a glitch, can’t comment, submit or PM. Great system though!

  24. gandecruz Says:

    it’s all right now :).. thank u

  25. paulannesley Says:

    ulahts, gandecruz: It seems an rare outage on Amazon’s AWS platform caused problems for a while.


    Thanks everyone for your patience, everything seems to be back up and running fine now.

  26. Nadia P Says:

    Probably not appropriate for posting here, but wasn’t sure where else to post it :-)

    Will there be a rating type feature added to the contests – whereby we can see whether both the designer and contest holder were happy with their transactions…. because the way the old system worked, even though a contest had a declared winner, there was no real way to track whether everyone was actually paid for their designs… just something I was thinking about when reading about a ‘rating’ feature coming to the new MarketPlace :-)

  27. Paul Annesley Says:

    Nadia: yes – a reputation system is certainly on the cards, and is in fact one of our highest priorities.

  28. Nadia P Says:

    Terrific, thanks Paul :-)

  29. angrypuppy Says:

    SInce the launch, Here are the contests i have entered. Look at how many contests are still not declaring winners. This is not a joke. This is a screen shoyt of my pC. I simplified it so you can see esactly what i mean. These contests in the ended status are not going anywhere. This is horrible! Worse than before.

  30. angrypuppy Says:

    made a mistake on two, but still there are 10 contests out of 15 that are dead. Disheartening, isnt it?

  31. Stealth GFX Says:

    The ‘Star Rating System’ maybe good for the CH, I mean it’s nice and quick for them, one click and they’re done, they don’t even have to leave feedback. This does nothing for us designers. It doen’t help us at all, we can not read the minds of the CH, we just end up wasting our own time and money. With no feedback we can not progress and improve the designs.
    Also, the length of time these contests are run for is way too long. Seven days max is more than enough time for a CH to get a design he/she is happy with, 9/10 times the CH will ask for adjustments after the contest has been won anyway.

  32. Stealth GFX: Agreed on the contest length front, although there are cases where the contest holder needs to speak to stakeholders, which complicates the situation. Generally, the shorter contests seem to work better.

  33. Nadia P Says:

    Totally agree about the length of contests. 9-10 days is way too long. Most of understand that most CH have to wait for client/board feedback, but a contest can still be completed within 4-5 days and most designers would be willing to wait a further 2 days for changes to be made.

    Maybe close off a contest after 4 days, but allow the possibility of a CH to reopen the contest after they receive feedback and allow selected designers to finalise their submissions according to feedback.

    Just an idea :-)

  34. Aryan Says:

    great start guys !!
    we run a blog especially for designers. when i posted about you on our blog, it got extremely good responses. it’s attracting a lot of designers and forward a great traffic to your site :)

    keep posting great jobs and good luck for your future.


  35. Jose Garcia Says:

    Good post, care to divulge some of your background on this topic?

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