99designs First Steps

February 10, 2008

Well, we are just hours away from our first step towards becoming 99designs. The first step isn’t quite as glamorous as the screenshots you have no doubt seen of the upcoming design, but it’s an important step because it represents separation from SitePoint, and the first step towards bringing you all of the features we have been talking about.

What you can expect in this first phase is the Design Contests site you are used to, but with 99designs branding. In addition to this you will notice that the user accounts system is entirely revamped, as is the credit purchase process. We have transferred all existing Design Contests accounts over to the new system, along with your credit balance. You can login either with your email address or with your old SitePoint Forums username.

This temporary site will be used whilst we develop the new look and feel, which is where the fun begins! Please bear with us during this transitional phase, Paul, myself and Nonie (our new support team) will be doing our very best to make this launch smooth and painless.

The site will be down for maintenance from 10:00am – 11:30am on Wed Feb 13th, Melbourne Time.

3 Responses to “99designs First Steps”

  1. alex Says:

    soo wen will the site be ready? :D

  2. badmasketa Says:

    Great!! Nice to hear that….Waiting forward to see the new loooook…

  3. Nadia P Says:

    Hey guys,
    would it be an idea to set up a separate blog post for bugs we can report, so it doesn’t clutter up any of the other posts ?? ( just an idea :)

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