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The Top Designers at 99designs in July 2010

We’re kicking off a new monthly contest for the community – every month we will showcase the 9 designers who have won the most projects for that month – The “Top 9 at 99.”

The community will then vote for that month’s “Top Designer” who will win a fantastic prize.

This month’s prize… an Apple iPad!

Here are the Top Designers for July (from top to bottom, left to right in no particular order):

Vote for your favorite designer here!

**Voting will be open until Tuesday, August 10th 5:00pm PT.

Terms & Conditions

  • 99designs will giveaway 1 iPad to the designer who receives the most votes.
  • You may only vote once
  • The prize is a 16GB WiFi Only Apple iPad. If you are selected as one of the winners and we cannot get you the iPad for any reason, we may choose to pay you the cash equivalent of $499 USD

Designer Profile: Spork

July 27, 2010

Meet Mark Lester Jarmin aka Spork – an awesome illustrator and just one of the designers who has helped make the #1 marketplace for crowdsourced logo design, web design, print design or any other design need!
Spork - an Illustrator in the 99designs Community

Designer Profile

Mark Lester Jarmin – Philippines
99designs handle: Spork
Projects entered: 218
Projects won: 50

How did you get started in design?

I started drawing in school when I was very young. From elementary to high school my notebooks are filled with sketches and doodles. I was always assigned to design our classroom bulletin boards and I was chosen to represent our school in art competitions. I won several awards including one for a design that our university used as our school ID.

After I graduated, I worked as a sign maker and later as a mall artist – designing decors and seasonal themes including graphic designs for events and activities. Right now i’m focusing more as an illustrator.

Professor Lead

How do you get your design inspiration?

I really look up to great illustrators – seeing how they create their art inspires me to create something better. Reading their books and blogs, watching their animations, studying their comics, etc… motivates me to learn and improve my skills.

The Mac Guys

What led you to start using

My officemate referred me to 99designs and I’ve been hooked ever since. At first, I joined the contests just for fun but when I won my first contest and a follow up project came in – I got serious and more competitive. I love it here – I enjoy, learn and earn at the same time!

99designs has really helped me showcase my skills. I continue to improve, meet new clients, make new friends and build a good portfolio.

Caption Obvious

What are three things designers can do to have success at 99designs?

1. Preparation is the key! Study the design brief first. View it in different angles – from the client’s perspective, from the perspective of the target audience and from your view as the designer. Proper composition requires more time than execution.

2. Create your own identity. As an illustrator, style really does matter! If you want to stand out and get noticed, draw the way YOU want to draw – offering something unique… yourself.

3. Take care of your profile and portfolio. A higher winning percentage surely reflects well on your status within the community and to potential clients. This is not a raffle contest so – join only the projects that you are really interested in and you’ll have more chance of winning.

Totally Toys

What do you love most about being a designer?

I just love what I do- I enjoy, learn and earn!

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“Everybody loves choice until you have to choose… and that’s where friends come in”

An ancient proverb that I just made up


One of the best things about 99designs is having so many great designs to choose from… BUT choice necessitates a decision – and decisions can sometimes be hard!

That’s why we’ve introduced a new voting feature that allows you to easily create a poll so you can get your friends, colleagues, social networks or even the twitterverse to help you choose the best design from your project.

Creating a poll is easy!

1. Click the “Invite friends to Vote” button on your main project page
Click the Invite Friends to Vote Button

2. Choose up to 8 designs you’d like your friends to vote on

Choose Your Designs

3. Share the poll with your friends

Share this poll with your friends

That’s it – simple huh.

The best news is… you can create as many polls as you’d like so you can share one with your colleagues over email and invite your Facebook friends to another – the sky’s the limit!

And you don’t even have to wait until the project has ended to create a poll – you can run a poll at anytime durning the project and even use it to help generate feedback to give to the designers!

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Hey Designers,

Our pals at BizTechDay are running another project for this year’s conference.

No doubt BizTechDay is one of the best conferences for entrepreneurs (10 inspirational talks + 10 practical technology demos) – and we’re all about supporting entrepreneurs!

BizTechDay will be held at in New York, San Francisco and Seattle this year. And the winner design will be worn by over 1500 entrepreneurs!

Check out the 2008 and 2009 winning design from last year’s contest below.
Winning T-Shirt Design

Thank in advance for your creative brain juice!

BizTechDay will highlight their top 3 favorite designs daily starting July 15th on their Facebook Page.

Read the brief

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Great Tips for Entrepreneurs and Designers
A roundup of tips and resources for entrepreneurs & designers that recently shared via twitter @99designs.


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General Design

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Harmony In Design –

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40 High Quality Adobe Illustrator Character Tutorials –

Excellent Poster Design Tutorials –

20 Nice Tutorials for Designing T-Shirts –

Freelance Design

7 Habits as a Freelancer You Need to Ditch –

How To Create Multiple Income Streams –

Why it’s Important to Be Professional as a Freelancer –

The Makeup of a Designer –

How to Upsize Your Next Project –

Logo Design

Brilliant Tips and Guidelines for Professional Logo Design –

25 iconic corporate logo tutorials to challenge your skills –

Web Design

Web Design: Redesign vs. Realign –

Modern Element Trends In Minimal Webdesign of 2010 –

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Understanding inspiration –

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Top 20 Logos with Hidden Meanings –

Design Resources

Top Sites To Download Free High Quality Photoshop Brushes –

Top Free Online Tools for Designers –

8 Free Stylish Fonts From Typographers On Behance –

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Never Get a "Real" Job Web Design Project at 99designs
Young entrepreneur guru Scott Gerber is running a WordPress design project for a new site ( to support the impending release of his upcoming book –Never Get a “Real” Job.

No doubt the book is chock full of helpful resources for entrepreneurs – and we’re all about that!

The project is offering $1,200.

Read the brief

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